It’s the largest marketplace on earth and can be a very lucrative way for a business to make money. eBay can be a money pot for marketers who know how to make the most of it and work smarter not harder.

Doing all the work can be quite the burden. Fortunately, there’s a smorgasbord of great eBay software and apps that make life a whole lot easier. From setting up your store, social media interaction, listing, making more of customer support to payment and shipping – there’s an app for that.

So, we thought what better way to help eBay newbies or even seasoned marketers on the platform than by pointing out some of our tried and tested favourites.


This is where to begin your eBay efforts. HammerTap is an eBay research tool that provides you with rafts of easy to analyse eBay data. This data makes it a lot easier to choose factors such as the best time to list, when most profitable and even keywords buyers use is.


Another great piece of software that allows you to easily evaluate what’s popular and what isn’t through it’s ‘buzz’ feature. It’s a great way to get an idea of current marketing trends before you start selling on the platform.

Just Template it

Just Template it offers high quality eBay templates for use with the site. Template software can include a whole variety of add-ons including price recommendations, stock control software and a lot of control.

Storefront Pro

This app makes it easy to add a new, attractive and clean design to your eBay store. It comes with an array of themes and you have the option of uploading your own logo and other details.


Well known, BigCommerce lets you create a web shop and also to sell via eBay and other social media network sites. The software includes a very clear layout, is ideal for mobile commerce and includes a whole raft of features that benefits users.


Get news of your special offers, deals and anything else your brand is doing out there simply and easily with MailChimp. It makes it easy to set up, use and design great emails to promote your eBay Store.


Create an eye-catching store quickly with this app for very little money. FrooitionBase makes it easy, fast and simple to create an eye catching store and get your products up for sale

Listing Analytics

Designed to help optimise listings and identifies the best and worst items you have for sale, as well as how your items list.


A great tool for managing online consignments and your inventory, AuctionSound makes it a lot easier to manage the consignment of items and also the online inventory on-site. It also comes with a raft of great tools to keep on top of things.


Another great inventory management tool that also makes it easy to create a web store and list your items on uBid as well as eBay. It comes with the ability to schedule, create listings and add templates.

MarketPlace Analyser

This will monitor competitors and its fantastic dashboard makes it easy to see the top sellers daily, as well as much more.

Just Ship It

Downloads items sold, makes it easy to create invoices and labels and just makes packing a whole lot easier. It’s also integrated into Royal Mail if you’re in the UK and is well worth it for those looking for an easier, more organised life.

After Ship

This software will track when your items are shipped and then let the buyer know when the items have started their dispatch.

Ship Saver Insurance

This app offers people the choice of adding insurance to their items. It allows them to purchase it as a once off, in bulk or automatically on everything they buy.

Price Spectre

Keeps your business ahead of the competition through analysis and automatic pricing of items. If a competitor cuts their price for an item, then this software will adjust yours too.

eBay Turbo Lister

Free to use and allows you to list a number of items and upload as you feel the need. There’s plenty of functionality in this free tool, including the ability to search, control listings and also bulk edit details.


A simple computer based tool, AuctionSplash makes it easy to list templates, provides hosting for images and works in a number of countries. It’s a no hassle eBay lister all on one page and it’s free.

One Hour Translation

This simply is a widget that can be attached to your listing and allows those who don’t speak your language to translate to theirs.

Currency Convertor

Another little widget that’s easy to embed and makes it easy for those buying items to translate to their currency from yours.

Feedback Reminder

Send reminders to leave feedback for buyers. The app can schedule feedback reminders for a particular time, or upon purchase of the item.

These 20 pieces of software will make it a lot easier to be an eBay expert and really start selling more on the platform.

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