Marketing is changing faster than ever, and the makeup of the marketing de­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­partment needs to evolve along with it. You can’t count on the traditional marketing team formula to keep working indefinitely.

2018 will be a challenging year for marketers as businesses scramble to catch up to new technology and shifting customer expectations. It’s important to be proactive in reinforcing your marketing team with the right talent, experience, and skillsets; especially since acquiring them can be a lengthy process.

The needs of any given marketing department (or agency) are unique, and marketing leaders should customize the capabilities they seek out accordingly. But there are some major trends that will need almost universal response from marketing teams. Before the year ends, make sure you’re on the way to adding these skill stacks to your department.

Data/Systems Security

The recent “Wannacry” cybersecurity catastrophe in hospitals in Europe and around the world highlights the importance of organization wide information and tech security.

It only takes one weak link to bring disaster.­­ U.S. companies and governmentt. agencies suffered 1,093 data breaches in 2016. That figure is expected to rise this year and into the future.

Part of what made this attack so devastating is the astounding amount of information hostpitals have: patient records, personal information, home addresses, phone numbers, financial data, credit card numbers, SSNs, you name it.

Guess who else has access to staggering amounts of important personal data?


The growing data available to marketers means we can engage customers on a more personal level and analytically improve our strategy. But it also means we’re one more potential vulnerability—especially since most marketers aren’t trained security experts. Be honest: how many times have you wandered around the office and seen a password scrawled on a post-it note or an unattended computer left logged-on and idling?

The average total cost of a data breach to a business is $4 million. Marketing teams can’t count on IT to do all the security work for them. It slows us down when we need to be fast, and IT has other pressing priorities across the organization. It’s best to make the marketing department itself the first line of defense for the safety of its hard-earned customer and corporate data.

Live Video Streaming

Of all content channels, video is the most consistent in engaging consumers and driving results. But demand for video is shifting as users’ appetite for real-time communication and live interaction is growing.


The live video environment is still an open frontier—but not for much longer. Grab your territory while you still can.

How to Add These Skills

You have more options than you probably realize to add new skillsets like this:

  • Training is probably the more obvious one. Incentivizing your team to add new skills through experience, courses, classes and more is a simple way to integrate new skillsets, if your current team has the aptitude.
  • Hiring. Recruiting new marketing talent with the skills you need is always a viable strategy for skill acquisition, and means that you can take on new initiatives without spreading your current team any thinner.
  • There’s a specialized agency partner for just about agency, including the things listed above.
  • Don’t have a full-time need for these skill stacks? Try marketing contractors or staffing.

What Else 2018 Has in Store

These are just a couple of the important emerging skillsets you need to be adding to your marketing team over the following months. You can find several more in this report we just published: 6 Essential Skillsets You Need to Add to Your Marketing Team by 2018. Download it here and start updating your department or agency before it’s too late.