The London 2012 Olympics - Marketing LessonsOk, go back in time with me for a minute.

Think back to High School.

Remember how much you wanted to hang out and be around the cool people?

Do you remember why?

Well, obviously, because they were cool.

But there was another, more self-serving, reason.

You wanted to hang out with them, so that people would think that you were cool!

Or at least you’d get more attention and affection, then you normally would without that connection.

Well, hold that thought for a second.

Did you noticed how many commercials that were on during Olympics had Olympic-related themes?

But it hasn’t just been during the Olympics that this has happened. There have been a lot of Olympic-related ads on recently.

There are some important reasons for this.

It’s because they understand what we knew in High School.

There really is power in association.

You want to find ways to connect your product, service and/or marketing to current events, items or people who have a strong social status.

Here are two important reasons why, which have been gleaned from the Olympics…

2 Important Lessons On The Power Of Association Gleaned From The Olympics:

1. Some of the “cool” feeling people have about that person or thing will rub off on you.

VISA is doing this. And with them having their commercials about the Olympic athletes with Morgan Freeman doing narration, it’s like they are doubling up the “cool connection”.

Did you see the Daniel Craig and the Royal Queen segment in the opening ceremonies?

Don’t you have a totally different view of the queen now? Why?

The power of association!

2. You get to ride along on your prospects and customers current train of thought.

Robert Collier famously said it this way, “You want to enter a conversation that’s already existing in your prospect’s minds.”

With so much going on nowadays and so many distractions, any way you can break through the static is a HUGE benefit for you.

Doing this is like giving you, your product or service a little “hook” to hang on in someone’s mind. (I’ll write a post in the near future more about this and the need to get your content picked up by their reticular activating system.)

I bet you could name at least 2-3 Olympic-related ads that you saw during the Olympics, if I asked you.

Why can you do that when you normally have a hard time remembering one ad?

It’s the power of association.

And hopefully since I connected this idea to the Olympics, you’ll remember it long enough to apply it in your business.