I get it. Any new initiative seems daunting at first, and pay-per-call is no different. If anything it’s harder these days – with mobile marketing we’ve entered a new era of pay-per-call that demands the right tools and partners. Here’s the good news: pay-per-call does not have to be intimidating.

To help give you a leg up as you enter the world of pay-per-call (or are looking to expand your current campaigns), we’ve aggregated 16 questions below. These are questions we’ve been asked or heard firsthand from the biggest networks, advertisers, and publishers around the world.

Publishers, networks, and advertises can use these questions as a starting point when evaluating pay-per-call technology providers. You’re making an investment – make sure you get all the bells and whistles and that it’s worth your money.

Questions Publishers Should Ask

Publishers in the pay-per-call industry want two main things. You’re looking to prove the calls advertisers receive come from your campaigns, and you need more data to optimize spend for the campaigns that work and drive calls to advertisers.

Get started with these questions:


  • What marketing channels work best for pay-per-call?
  • If I use call extensions in my pay-per-call campaigns, can I get keyword-level attribution for the calls I generate? What about call-only ads?
  • If my web page has multiple numbers listed, can I get attribution back to the keyword for calls from each number?

Questions Networks Should Ask

Affiliate networks have one primary goal: to efficiently route calls between publishers and advertisers. The better equipped you are to do this, the happier advertisers and publishers are with your services and the more business you can generate.

Get started with these questions:


  • Can I customize how I route calls to different advertisers based on specific criteria?
  • What if there is a repeat caller, can I reroute their call to the same advertiser? To a new advertiser?
  • How do I prevent routing spam calls to advertisers?
  • Can I set up call cap settings for advertisers who have call volume or budget limits?

Questions Advertisers Should Ask

Advertisers are paying for the leads publishers generate and networks route to them. It makes sense then that you want proof the phone leads you receive are valid and of good quality.

Get started with these questions:


  • Is there a way to get insight into what happens during the calls my sales team receives?
  • Will the calls I receive be filtered for quality?
  • Can call analytics be integrated with my CRM system to see how a caller converts to revenue? Are there tools to help me optimize the caller experience after I receive the phone lead?

Other Questions You Should Ask

There are additional considerations pay-per-call marketers should always take into account. And it never hurts to ask what additional factors can impact your campaigns and what kind of support you can get. Don’t forget to ask:


  • Does my pay-per-call technology provider offer free phone support?
  • In which industries is pay-per-call most successful?
  • If I’m a network working with a pay-per-call technology provider, do they have flexible pricing plans based on my call routing needs?

The pay-per-call market will continue to evolve as mobile marketing evolves. Smartphones and click-to-call have already redefined pay-per-call marketing, expanding performance marketers’ audience and helping them drive incremental revenue. The next step is acquiring the right technology – which means asking the right questions.

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