They say you have to spend money in order to make money. While this may be true for the most part, there are still plenty of ways to market your business with a smaller budget. Do not skip out on marketing just because you think you cannot afford it.

If you follow these budget-friendly ideas, you will be sure to build up your business and make more sales:

  1. Create a Referral Program: Creating a referral program for your existing customers is a great way to also reward them and keep them loyal. You can offer a free upgrade, gift, or coupon for every new customer they send your way.
  2. Create E-Mail Newsletters: Collect your clients’ e-mails and send out promotions or updates, depending on the merchant and what kind of business they operate. The only cost to e-mail newsletters is your time, they are absolutely free.
  3. Create a Helpful Tips Flyer: You could utilize one-side of a piece of paper and fill it with helpful tips for their particular products. Put your logo and business information somewhere on that sheet. Business owners love reading tips and enjoy feeling like they do not have to contact you for every little question they have.
  4. Be a Savvy Social Networker: Create accounts and participate in all of the big social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are all great for engaging with your customers or potential customers in more than one way.
  5. See What Your Payment Processing Partner Offers: Your payment processing partner more than likely has a marketing department. Within that department, there are people that can offer co-branded materials such as flyers, e-mail templates, postcards, etc.
  6. Be a Thought Leader: More than likely, since you are a reseller, you know a thing or two about the payment processing industry. That sets you apart as a thought leader, someone who can offer more than just selling products. Write an article or put yourself out there for an interview.
  7. If You Have a Website, Add a Blog: Using a blog on your website for content marketing is likely to be the most cost-effective business exercise you can get involved in. Perform a detailed keyword analysis of your competitors with tools from Ahrefs or Moz and incorporate them into your content.
  8. Make Your Mark on Forums, Threads, and Blogs: If you read an article or a status update that has to do with the payment processing industry, write a comment. That is a great way to get your name out there and as mentioned earlier, establish yourself as a thought-leader.
  9. Send Thank You Notes: Send thank you notes to all of your existing and new customers. If a customer has hit a year mark with you, send them a thank you card. If a current customer has referred a new customer, send them a thank you card. Thank you cards with your logo are great additional marketing and easy customer service.
  10. Survey Your Customers For Ideas: Ask your customers what they want. Ask merchants what they need. This is a great way to get them more involved with you as their partner and a great way to find out how you can continue making them happy.
  11. Optimize Your Website for Mobile: People are on their smart phones all the time. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly, as many people browse while they are on their phones.
  12. Create Unique Product Descriptions: Feature a unique description of each product that you sell, not just copy and pasting the manufacturing information. Maybe include positives of each product or which industry they work best in.
  13. Make a Product Video: Most smart phones nowadays have great video capabilities. Start a Youtube Channel and create a few product demos. You can direct current or potential merchants to view them.
  14. Create a Business Card: Get yourself some business cards and hand them out to everyone you meet. Every handshake should come with a business card afterwards. So many places offer cheap or discounted business cards. Also check with your payment processing partner, they may offer a co-branded business card.
  15. Share Relevant Content: Sharing relevant content is an easy way to engage with your customers and with other industry players. If you work with a payment processor, follow their accounts and share their content. Get involved with hashtags, follow them and use them in effective ways.

Getting potential customer to notice you is an ongoing and never-ending battle, one that you have to tackle daily in order to stay relevant and make more sales. Exploring new ideas, working with your payment processing partner’s marketing department, and utilizing these tips above are the perfect base to your marketing plan and strategy. Before long, your marketing may just pay off in new sales and happier, more involved customers.