Today we start with a question about sending business SMS messages… It seems like I get this question all the time…

What sms messages do I need to send? Can I get sample SMS messages to use?

These are great questions and I’m going to answer them today.

Business SMS messages everyone needs

To put it simply there are a few types of business SMS messages you should be using every day.

  1. A Welcome SMS Message
  2. Business SMS messages with Info
  3. Business SMS Messages with a call to action
  4. SMS messages to Employees

Are there others? Of course…

But I’m going to touch on these four critical areas… and give you 14 business sms messages to use.

I’m going to describe each of these types of message… and give you examples you can use in your own marketing efforts. (Of course, you’ll need to personalize the messages a bit, but feel free to make these your own!)

So what’s the first SMS message?

A Welcome SMS Message

If you’re a business, and you’re using sms messages, you MUST use a welcome message. This should be the first text message anyone gets from you.

This seems like such common sense, but many business owners overlook this simple step.

When you set up your texting system, always set up an autoresponder. That way a new subscriber to your list always gets the welcome message.

With your welcome message you want to do a few things… and these are all best practices for sending business SMS messages:

  • First remind customers who you are…
  • Second, let customers know how many messages to expect… and where to get more info
  • Third, add “Msg & Data rates may apply”
  • Fourth, add “Text STOP to unsubscribe”

Sample Business SMS #1:

“Thx for Joining Bob’s VIP list, 4-6 texts a month w/ deals & news! Msg & Data rates may apply. Text STOP to unsubscribe.”

Once you have prospects, customers, and VIPs on your texting list, you’ll want to start sending them regular sms messages. A good rule of thumb is one per week.

These are many messages you can send… I highly recommend sending informational messages to your list.

Business SMS messages with Info

Information sms messages are a way to share knowledge, news. and information with your sms list. These messages should be to the point, and often provide a link to a mobile friendly landing page with more information.

Remember, your goal with these is to share… NOT SELL… so give people information… educate… share… and connect. Save the selling for later.

Sample Business SMS #2: Friendly Reminder

“This is a friendly reminder to join us at Bob’s Restaurant tonight for the school fundraiser. 6:00 PM @ 1234 Main Street, Anywhere, USA”

Sample Business SMS #3: Holiday Wishes

“Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you and your family are having a wonderful Turkey day! From Bob’s Store. Learn more here:”

Sample Business SMS #4: Giveaways

“Free Meal for all Veterans on Veterans Day 11/11/16. Stop by Bob’s Diner. Visit for info on how we help.”

Sample Business SMS #5: Surveys

“Thanks for shopping at Bob’s Store this week… Would you mind letting us know how we’re doing“

Sample Business SMS #6: Info

“Did you know 11/15/16 is National Entrepreneurs Day? Learn about using SMS to grow your new biz here! Text “STOP” to unsubscribe”

Note, in this message I added “Text “STOP” to unsubscribe” as it’s good practice to remind people they can get off your list at any time. Very few will… but it’s a good habit to get into!

Sample Business SMS #7: Blog Articles

This is a great way to share information about your business without selling anything… and it drives traffic to your site… This is an actual business SMS message you can copy to drive traffic to your site.

“The 10 Minute Mobile Marketing Strategy for Small Business…Read the blog post here:

You’ll notice I used the title to the blog post, and a link in this last business sms message. I did that because the original link was too long to include… Plus as an added benefit, will give me click information and tell me how many people clicked through to my site.

There are hundred of other types of messages you can send… you can link to videos, or audio files, or to other websites. You can send a “Quote of the day” or “Fact of the day”… any interesting bit of information the people on your list will enjoy.

Now let’s touch on sales a bit…

Business SMS Messages with a call to action

If you’re going to develop a great relationship with your business sms list, you’ve got to think soft sale… not used car salesman!

You want people to take action… not be disgusted with you. Here are a few ideas.

Sample Business SMS #8: Timely Offer

You’d want to send this message out over the weekend AFTER Thanksgiving when many are starting to decorate for Christmas.

“Another Broken Christmas ornament? All christmas decorations 20% off this weekend at Bob’s store.”

Or if you know your list demographics you might send this message:

“The perfect Men’s gift… BBQ master grilling set! He’ll love cooking for the family with this BBQ kit. Order here:”

Sample Business SMS #9: Black Friday

“Don’t waste time standing in line today… order your Christmas gifts online: 10% discount Black Friday Only!”

Sample Business SMS #10: Call Me Please

Sometimes you need customers to call in… here’s a message to use.

“Struggling with your retirement planning? Call Steve at 623-xxx-xxxx to schedule a free retirement planning consultation.”

Sample Business SMS #11: Order now

“Golfing this Sunday? We have tee times available. to schedule a tee time. 10% off after 2:00pm. From Your Green Golf Course!

There are hundreds of ways to ask for an order… you simply need to include a call to action in your text message. But you don’t need to use SMS messages in your business for communicating with just prospects and customers… you can use it to communicate with your employees too!

Here are a few examples…

SMS messages to Employees

Sample Business SMS #12: Schedules

“Reminder: Next week’s work schedule is posted here: Call bob at 632-xxx-xxxx with questions.”

Sample Business SMS #13: Important Information

“IMPORTANT: To Opening & Closing Managers… new alarm code set! Call Matt at 623-xxx-xxxx for the code.”

Just a reminder that text messages are not 100% secure, as many smartphones display message information without needing to be logged in. So, I don’t recommend sending passwords and other confidential important information via text.

Sample Business SMS #14: Product Information

“Servers, new special linguini w/ clam sauce ($23.95)… wine pairing house Chardonnay ($8.00 glass).. Apple tart for dessert (9.97) see Chef M for tasting.”

As you see there are thousands of ways to use business sms messages. You can educate your prospects, tell your customers about deal, send VIP’s a special… and use business sms messages to communicate with your employees.

If you’re thinking about sending business sms messages to customers and employees, I have a resource for you… check out “The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing”

You can download it free – right here:

Remember, sending Business SMS messages is a very powerful way to connect with prospects and customers. Use some of these examples in your own business.

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