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Finding the perfect tagline is quite a task. You want something that encapsulates who you are, what you’re about, and why people should choose you. You want it to be punchy and impactful and descriptive.

You may look to memorable tagline examples like Nike’s “Just Do It” or Apple’s “Think Different” for inspiration. But memorability isn’t the only thing to focus on. To resonate and sway people, you want your tagline to be both memorable and likable—and that’s a tall order.

Research has found that prolonged media exposure can increase tagline recall, but the secret to coming up with a tagline that people like comes down to these common characteristics:

  • Clarity of message
  • Creativity of phrasing
  • Inclusion of a benefit

But how do you put that to work if your aren’t selling elite athletic sportswear or innovative technology? Can you come up with a strong tagline that captures these elements—even if you’re a mom and pop bakery? Absolutely.

We’ve worked with all sorts of brands, from tiny startups to Fortune 100 companies, and we can say with confidence that size doesn’t matter. We’ve seen great taglines from all sorts of organizations, from non-profits to mid-size brands—and all sorts of industries, from finance and beauty to publishing and animal rescue. Anyone can come up with a great tagline.

13 Tagline Examples That Are a Little Different

To give you a little inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite tagline examples that aren’t the usual ones. (You won’t find Apple, Nike, or Cover Girl here.) We like to give credit where it’s due, so we’re celebrating unique brands, large and small, that have built taglines that perfectly reflect who they are. Enjoy.

1) Coffee House Press

Where Good Books Are Brewing

Coffee House Press is an independent book publisher and arts nonprofit our of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and as their tagline shows, they’re also a group of creative thinkers. Their smart tagline perfectly describes who they are, what they do, and adds the clever twist of wordplay with the punchy, punny “where good books are brewing,” helping them nail their messaging with equal doses of creativity and clarity.

2) Wounded Warrior Project

The Greatest Casualty Is Being Forgotten

This nonprofit offers a variety of services to injured veterans, including health care, economic support, and more. Their powerful, emotional tagline encapsulates their mission and compels people to both participate and support these veterans’ journeys. When dealing with sensitive or difficult subjects, it can be a challenge to find a tasteful tagline, but they pulled it off remarkably.

3) Course Hero

Master Your Classes

Course Hero is an online learning portal that offers 20 million course-specific study materials to help students succeed. They don’t just want students to pass classes; they want to fulfill their vision of “a world where every student graduates, confident and prepared.” As such, their simple, succinct tagline uses the imperative “master” to emphasize that they don’t just help, they propel you to success. This creates a much stronger emotional hook than, say, “Free study guides you can use.”

4) Digit

Save Money, Without Thinking About It

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can be challenging to articulate. For Digit, the app that helps you auto-save, this tagline doesn’t just tell you what they do; it does so in a catchy way. They even deliver a double benefit—saving both money and energy. Simply reading it makes you feel like you’re already relieved of a burden, which makes you instantly eager to learn more.

5) Travelocity

Wander Wisely

Travelocity has accomplished quite a feat with this tagline. While you want to keep things short, it can be incredibly difficult to pack emotion, creativity, and clarity into only two words. But this two-word tagline is perfect for a travel site that promises cheaper travel. It’s particular impactful because “wisely” implies an inherent choice: Be foolish and pay more, or be smart and choose Travelocity. The choice is simple.

6) Lush

Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

This tagline might not seem like the most exciting, aspirational tagline for a cosmetics brand, especially when most are pitching the “beauty as confidence” angle. But it delivers their positioning and benefit in its simplest, purest form—just like their all-natural, cruelty-free products.

Lush is all about hyper transparency (every product even comes with a sticker cartoon of the person who handmade it for you), so their tagline paints the simplest picture. And with imagery-rich descriptors like “Fresh” and “handmade,” it immediately makes you feel like you want to indulge in their products.

7) Bazaarvoice

Meet Shoppers In all the Moments That Matter

Bazaarvoice helps connects brands and consumers through content, building a more authentic relationship through content marketing. Ultimately, it isn’t about the content—it’s about that relationship, which is what this tagline perfectly captures. The lyrical alliteration of “meet,” “moments,” and “matter” is creative phrasing that is both pleasing to read and conjures a bit of sentimentality, helping cement that emotional connection.

8) DonorsChoose.org

Support a Classroom. Build a Future.

Donors Choose is a crowdfunding platform that lets the public donate to teachers in need, one class project at a time. When you support them, you aren’t just buying scissors; you’re investing in kids’ futures. Therefore, this simple tagline does a great job of painting the bigger picture by reinforcing the effect a single donation has on a larger community. While it may not feature the most flowery language, it communicates the essence of their mission.

9) BUST magazine

The Magazine for Women with Something to Get Off Their Chests

BUST is a magazine that covers hip female artists, musicians, activist, rebels, and tastemakers who shape culture. An edgy tagline can be tricky, especially if it can be misunderstood. But Bust’s clever tagline is just enchanting. The publication name is already a bit cheeky, but the tagline successfully explains what they’re about without being too flippant or cheesy.

10) Canine Companions for Independence

Help Is a Four-Legged Word

We’re not crying. You are. Well, probably. CCI is an amazing nonprofit that provides free assistance dogs to adults, children, and veterans with disabilities. Their tagline is an inspiring, heartwarming, and emotional masterpiece. While it’s true that no one nails emotional messaging like animal-related charities, this brilliant twist on “four-letter word” is next-level genius.

11) Casper

The Best Bed for Better Sleep

For mattress company Casper, strong branding has been front and center since day one. Their design, their content marketing, and their simple product have created a brand experience that has greatly attributed to its success. Their simple tagline distills their brand promise—to use science, tech, and innovation to provide you the best night’s sleep—into a simple, catchy, alliteration-heavy phrase.

12) Thinx

For People with Periods

Thinx created period-proof panties to help eliminate the use of potentially toxic tampons and pads. Brands that make menstruation products have traditionally focused on the feminine aspect, but Thinx is unique because their tagline focuses on menstruation, not gender. (They actually included a trans man in a 2016 campaign). Their mission is clear: to make periods easier for anyone who has to deal with them.

13) Luna

Energy to Break Through

Luna is an energy bar for active women, so this tagline perfectly encapsulates their mission. It isn’t nutrition bars they’re selling; it’s the fuel you get from those bars. “Break Through” can mean many things to many people, but that’s why it works. Whatever you’re trying to do—run a marathon, make it to carpool on time—Luna is there to help you do it.

A Few Tips to Find Your Own Tagline

It isn’t easy to find a tagline, but your team can absolutely do it.

  • Find out what science says about the secret to a great tagline.
  • Follow these tips to work with different types of creative thinkers. (It’s especially helpful if your brainstorms are stalling out.)
  • Mix it up. If you’re creatively stuck, try these exercises to get out of your own head.