A trade show is effective when it’s used to share knowledge and receive unexpected knowledge that helps your business. A trade show is about build new relationships that help generate new business. Use the following tips to organize effective trade shows to help promote your business.

  1. Stop thinking about trade shows in terms of sales and earnings and think rather in terms of cementing customer relationships, building networks and advancing marketing goals.
  2. Forget about flooding your trade shows with people – rather, focus on the quality of your interactions with your attendees.
  3. Keep your trade show display clean; your message and your images must be simple and easy to digest. Remember that while complex layouts and flashing lights may garner attention, people will miss out on your brand message and show purpose.
  4. Do some brainstorming much in advance and create marketing initiatives to put in place before, during, and after the event. Doing this will help you better engage people, build relationships and generate leads.
  5. Evaluate your display booth based on visibility, prominence, size, marketing requirements and your budget. Make sure your booth is big enough for a comfortable show, but not so big as to make you look like a laughing stock.
  6. Work with top graphic design providers to create effective graphic elements for your exhibits. Your graphics must effectively portray your key messages, thereby fulfilling your brand communications requirements. Establish design parameters for modular exhibition stands, brochures, banners and so on.
  7. Try to make your booth stand out from the others. You can try elevating it by a few feet above others, or build a mock-terrace for your event models and so on. This will attract more prospects to your trade show display area.
  8. Design costumes for booth staff using your brand colors; embroider or print your brand logo on their t-shirts for instant recall. Make sure your logo and byline are prominently displayed on all sides of the booth.
  9. Research what kind of giveaways or promotional products people like. Look for cost-effective giveaways that will both complement your company image and have high-perceived value among your target prospects.
  10. Train your booth staff to be courteous, informative and professional. Hire a professional event modeling agency to staff your booth and train event models to represent your company, secure sales and generate leads.
  11. Print sufficient brochures and marketing materials for at 1.5 times the number of people you expect. Train your staff to point out valid points in the brochure while they introduce your brand and product to prospects.
  12. Set up a screen and display still shots of your company and its top people along with their names and special quotes from them. Break up this display with a few of your company’s top TV Ads to grab people’s attention.
  13. If possible, take help of professional event models and  brand ambassadors to represent your products and services in effective way.