There is a multitude of copywriting resources available for those businesses looking to produce their own content.

You can choose a medium that fits your lifestyle and the way that you learn. Some of those listed below deal with the technical aspects of copywriting, and some deal more with mindset or Internet marketing on a whole. Whether you are in B2B or B2C, there are resources here that can help your business grow.

Copywriting Resources to Grow Your Business


The Copywriter’s Handbook (Robert Bly) – If you have questions about the nuts and bolts of copywriting, The Copywriter’s Handbook is a great place to turn. There are insightful chapters on writing for the web, communications and direct mail to name a few. This book has relevant information that ages well, and can help you keep your business top of mind amongst your audience. This is one of the best copywriting resources out there for learning the trade.

Advertising Headlines That Will Make You Rich (David Garfinkel) – Fractions of a second. That’s how long someone is going to take, deciding whether they want to read your web page or blog. It’s the headline that does the hard work, attracting readers to your blog. Don’t just rush through it. Create something that provokes curiosity or makes a promise. Create something enticing. Advertising Headlines that Make You Rich helps with the how, and it will help you sell more.

Trust Agents (Chris Brogan and Julien Smith – While this book isn’t necessarily a copywriting book, it will help you to understand the mindset of your online customer. Trust Agents offers a great argument for why your web strategy should be more about building relationships, and less about traditional advertising methods.

Purple Cow (Seth Godin) – What makes your business different? It feels like a cliché question, but it’s one you better have an answer for. Purple Cow offers the blueprint for differentiating your business. You can take what you learn here, and convey it in your marketing materials.

Blogs and Websites

Copyblogger – A business blog helps your business establish credibility and likeability. It is a great place to show your expertise. Copyblogger will help you learn the writing skill set in a friendly, engaging way. They consistently blog about web writing, and have a multitude of ebooks and other sources readily available as well.

Hubspot – Hubspot can help you keep up with all things Internet marketing. They consistently publish actionable posts about website content, blogging, email, and more. Reading Hubspot can help you create a more informed online marketing strategy.

ProBlogger – The name of this website pretty much says it all. ProBlogger is a great place to turn for insight on how to improve the quality of your blog. They’ll publish anything from general writing tips to technical SEO strategies. This blog can help you establish the type of blog that will make a difference in the lives of your customers.

Neil Patel – Neil Patel is an online wizard of the technical, geeky side of online marketing. While his blog may not have a lot to do with copywriting directly, it will help you to reach your audience in a more relevant way. This blog can help you grow your audience – a major part of the online marketing equation.

Smartblogger – This is a great blog for people looking to give their business blog a little extra push. There are general writing tips as well as some technical ideas that will help your blog stand out in a crowd. Smartblogger is a great resource for anyone looking to create compelling material that will set your blog apart as a compelling resource for your audience.


Each podcast is available on iTunes and other platforms.

Copywriters Podcast – This is David Garfinkel’s recent foray into podcasting. Each episode of the copywriters podcast has a narrow focus on a component to copywriting. The episodes are roughly a half hour long, and will leave you with a clearer understanding of how to use your marketing materials to sell more. This is one of the best copywriting resources out there for making your marketing more persuasive.

Copyblogger FM – This is a short form podcast from Copyblogger, and features regular insight into the world of online marketing. It’s hosted by Sonia Simone, and frequently covers current content marketing and conversion strategies.

High Income Copywriting – This is a podcast hosted by copywriter Ed Gandia and frequently features insight from others in the industry. This is a great place to learn the secrets of some of the industry’s best copywriters, and how you can employ them in your own work.

Content Inc – This short-form podcast offers content marketing insight from the founder of the Content Marketing Institute, Joe Pulizzi. Each episode offers an industry insight, or new idea that can help you better market your business.


There are plenty of great copywriting resources out there to help you accomplish more with your marketing. Ask your business colleagues how they came up with their marketing content, or whether they hired it out. Both are perfectly acceptable paths for developing your marketing.

If you are looking to create your own website content, you may also want to consider a copy of Write Right-Sell Now, to help you develop the tools and mindset for writing your own website content.

The important thing is to stay curious. Keep learning from others, and employ the valuable lessons you learn in your own marketing. What recourses have benefited you the most?