1. The Ability and Desire to Learn

Diana GoodwinMarketing, in particular digital marketing, is constantly evolving, so it’s critical that my marketing staff have the ability and desire to learn. In order to be effective and excel in their roles, they need to be on top of any changes and also have a constantly fresh set of creative ideas to help the company stand out from the competition. This all stems from continual learning. – Diana GoodwinAquaMobile Swim School

2. Knowing How to Influence the Influencers

Andrew ThomasOne big skill that rises to the top is an ability to influence the influencers in your space in a way that favors your brand. Marketers should now realize that the method in which you do that seems to change every week. Whether via social, direct or in person, today’s marketer needs to be creative in attracting and influencing the people who can influence your customers. – Andrew ThomasSkyBell Video Doorbell

3. A Data-Driven Mindset

kelsey MeyerNo matter what marketing position you’re hiring for, having a data-driven mentality is crucial for the team and company’s, growth. As your team creates new content, makes changes to the website, executes on A/B tests, etc., you should always be tracking and making decisions based on data. – Kelsey MeyerInfluence & Co.

4. The Ability to Leverage Different Media Mediums

sean ogleThere used to only be so many media outlets for marketing your business. Now with video, podcasts, live webinars, live streaming (Periscope) etc., there are an incredible number of mediums out there to spread the word about your company. Someone in a marketing role these days needs to understand not only how all of these work, but also which ones will be most effective for your business. – Sean OgleLocation 180, LLC

5. Knowledge of Video and Graphics

Murray NewlandsGreat videos and graphical content are at the forefront of social media. If you cannot work with video and graphics to tell a story, your social media platforms are going to struggle to take off. These are now a must for any marketing hire. – Murray NewlandsDue.com

6. A Technology and Product Mindset

Ivan MatkovicMarketers from non-tech companies are increasingly becoming technology product managers. They understand that their technology selection impacts customer experience and represents a powerful competitive advantage when executed properly. As such, they are adopting UX in addition to their UI responsibilities. – Ivan MatkovicSpendgo

7. The Ability to Adapt

Elliot BohmThe marketing world had a complete overhaul in the past 10 years, and continues to change each day. Whether it’s in fields like SEO or even in simple webpage elements, we can expect it to change even more. It’s crucial for anyone in the marketing field to be able to adapt to new responsibilities they will most likely have in the future. – Elliot BohmCardcash.com

8. Effective Writing Skills

Lindsay TanneIt’s one of the oldest competencies in the book, but is more essential than ever in the new media environment. With the importance of email and online communication, effective writing skills are of paramount importance to set any marketer apart. Compelling content begins with effective and engaging written communication. – Lindsay TanneLogicPrep

9. An Understanding of Workflow Automation

Josh SpragueStandard drip campaigns still have a place, but automating and adapting to customer interaction is key. Tools like Active Campaign and Hubspotprovide new ways to automate a wide range of information to specific customer interests. It takes a bit to get your head around this and can be a mess if not managed properly, hence the importance of having someone that understands the concept. – Josh SpragueOrange Mud

10. The Ability to Convey Honesty

Andrew Namminga (1)The new shopper — the online customer — is savvy. They already know what native marketing is. They need to know that they’re being marketed to in a respectful and transparent way. Marketing no longer needs to be slick, it needs to promote brand trust. Find a marketer who can convey trustworthiness and transparency and your marketing will thrive. – Andrew NammingaAndesign

11. Great Storytelling Abilities

Ryan-StonerA compelling and confident storyteller is someone who can guide clients through complex challenges, develop unique and inspiring viewpoints and inspire new ideas that that can change the way consumers engage with your brand. – Ryan StonerPublicis