1. Build a Podcast Audience and Invite the Influencer on Your Show

Joshua DorkinWe’ve used this technique to attract several top influencers in our industry. We knew that our BiggerPockets Podcast could be used to attract these folks to our brand, and as such, we set out to build a solid audience before pitching key influencers to come on as guests. Once we had the numbers, getting them booked was easy, and we now had an opportunity to get ourselves firmly on their radar. – Joshua DorkinBiggerPockets

2. Send a Physical Package

11 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Company Product to a Key InfluencerInfluencers are hammered with emails, tweets and even phone calls around the clock. If you want to stand out send them a physical package. It doesn’t even have to include the actual product. Send an overview and your business card via UPS or Fed Ex and require signature for delivery. This ensures that they will at least open the package. Your creativity will stand out. – Jonathan LongMarket Domination Media

3. Promote Them

11 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Company Product to a Key InfluencerWhenever you guest blog on an influential site, mention influencers you know and love — and want to meet. If a member of the press asks you for an interview, cleverly plug someone you want to make friends with. Extend goodwill first; later, the recipient will happily reciprocate. – Danny WongBlank Label

4. Be Everywhere They Are

11 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Company Product to a Key InfluencerDo you ever get that “I know you from somewhere” feeling when you meet someone? Whether you run a boutique firm or a billion dollar corporation, the goal of connecting with anyone is the know, like, and trust factor. Get into your target influencers’ world. Attend charity events that they support, try products they suggest and act like you’re already friends. – Nicole MunozStart Ranking Now

5. Connect With Them First 

11 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Company Product to a Key InfluencerDon’t just send your product to influencers out of the blue. You should first take some steps to build a relationship, by reaching out to them on social media or by email. Once you have some rapport with them, it’s easier to introduce them to your product. – Shawn PoratFortune Cookie Advertising 

6. Sponsor an Event of Their Interest

11 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Company Product to a Key InfluencerThere are lots of industry specific trade events and even local ones that key influencers pay attention to. Get your name on the sponsor list of those events. If you have the budget, go for the highest sponsorship level. That should get you maximum exposure they can’t ignore. – Reuben YonatanGetVoIP

7. Feature the Influencer

11 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Company Product to a Key InfluencerWe’ve hosted company events where we feature the social influencer and their image on the event flyer. By incorporating their image and profile onto the marketing materials, they are more likely to share it on their social media channels and blog. This relationship associates our company and the influencer in a more organic approach as they share it with their audience. – Souny WestCHiC Capital

8. Make a Personal Connection

Joanna SchneierMy first step in getting on someone’s radar is to always make a personal connection. I have found that it is a rare instance when you are trying to connect with someone that you can’t find some human being that is one to two degrees away from the person you are trying to connect with. A tool that I have often used is called Conspire. It gives you insight into who is connected to whom. – Joanna SchneierCognotion

9. Position Your Product to Help Them

Daniel TheirlLearn what they are into and what they get excited about. For example, we found the theme that an influencer was excited about, writing a book for, and speaking about for the whole year. We positioned our product to help them achieve that goal for the year and they were very open to supporting us. – Daniel TheirlRubikloud Technologies

10. Engage Them in Your Product

Jayna CookeIt would be a good idea to have one of your top sales representatives reach out to influencers to do business with them or to sell your product to them. A foundation and relationship would be beneficial to get on someone’s radar. You always listen to personal recommendations or something you heard from a friend more so then something you read online. – Jayna CookeEVENTup

11. Give Back

Kumar-AroraGetting influencers to back your idea or product isn’t easy, especially when others are vying for their attention. I suggest taking a back-end approach: offer them an in-house service that you might be able to provide as a trade off. By giving them something they are missing, they are far more likely to pay attention to you, and when it comes to asking them for a favor, it won’t be as hard. – Kumar AroraAroridex, Ltd.