Halloween is a great excuse to market your products and services, especially if you can cater to customers seeking costumes, decorations, and candy. Those aren’t the only industries that can benefit from Halloween marketing, either; in fact, just about any business can find a way to piggyback on Halloween to promote their products or services and turn a profit on All Hallows Eve. Find inspiration for your campaigns in the following ten wicked cool Halloween marketing statistics from the National Retail Federation.

1. Americans will spend $6.9 billion on Halloween in 2015

That figure alone should be enough to convince you how large the Halloween market is, and that there’s more than enough room for your company to get its share of the pie.

2. 64 percent of Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year

How many events engage two-thirds of the entire country, creating ample opportunity for your company to scare up sales?

3. 41 percent of people begin shopping for Halloween during the first two weeks of October

That makes early October prime time for earning sales. If you can start earlier, even better, as nearly 28 percent begin Halloween shopping in September.

4. 83 percent of people say the state of the economy will have no impact on their Halloween spending

While spending might suffer in other industries, Halloween will remain strong in 2015.

5. Nearly 44 percent of people will wear Halloween costumes

But that doesn’t mean they only buy from costume shops; survey respondents say they’ll also shop for Halloween-related items from discount stores, department stores, clothing stores, home décor stores, home improvement stores, craft and fabric stores, grocery stores, drug stores, catalogs, and thrift stores.

6. 94 percent of people will buy Halloween candy

And they’ll spend an average of $24.65. Those who buy candy also need candy dishes, trick or treat bags, and outdoor decorations, to name a few items.

7. 34 percent of people say they’ll buy Halloween greeting cards

Greeting cards aren’t just for Christmas! In fact, a Halloween greeting card can be an unexpected treat your friends, family – and even customers – will appreciate.

8. 41 percent of people say they’ll carve a Halloween pumpkin

In case you were wondering how your cutlery brand can profit from Halloween. How about a pumpkin seed recipe to entice customers?

9. 13 percent say they’ll dress their pets in costume

Have you ever thought about the Halloween market for pets? Costumes make for easy sales, but dog groomers and pet store retailers can market their services plus accessories as light-up collars and leashes, spooky food bowls, and Halloween-themed dog treats.

10. Consumers aged 25 to 34 spend the most money on Halloween

An average of $97.97, in fact, in case you were looking for a hot Halloween demographic.

For more spooky statistics, check out the NRF Halloween Headquarters and NRF 2015 Halloween Survey