Mobile marketing is on the rise.  In a few years, mobile users will visit your website more often than desktop users.  To stay on top of your game, implementing mobile marketing is a must.  The first step is ensuring that your website is mobile-enabled.  Creating a mobile version of your company website is essential, because slow load time and unreadable, tiny text causes mobile prospects look elsewhere in a flash.  Once your website is mobile-capable, new avenues of marketing open up to you, including smart phone apps, SMS/text messaging and QR codes.  There are endless ways to apply mobile marketing—from retail point-of-sale incentives, mobile coupons, event checks-ins, online polling to high quality photo and video content.  Add mobile capability to your marketing mix to increase traffic and generate new business leads.  Here are 10 ways to make mobile marketing work for you.

1.  Create Personalized Content

Communicating to prospects on their mobile devices means that you must deliver highly useful, personally tailored content from the start.  Failing at this will earn you unsubscriptions fast.  Organize lists of your prospects and clients based on their business interests and then speak to their needs.

2.  Respect Peoples’ Time

Do not bombard people with messages all the time.  Contacting clients and prospects once a week is plenty for mobile marketing, unless you have a time-sensitive issue that needs to be communicated.

3.  Make Mobile Inquiries a Priority

Queries asked via text are just as important as phone calls and emails, so respond promptly.

4.  Measure and Adjust

Continually monitor how your target audience uses mobile technology and adjust your mobile marketing campaigns accordingly.

5.  Don’t Ignore Social Media

Many people use their smart phones to access Facebook and Twitter throughout the day.  Provide engaging social media content; it is a great way to get referrals and increase your brand awareness.  According to Microsoft, 91% of mobile internet access is social media activity, versus 79% on desktops.  Also, over 1/3 of Facebook users utilize Facebook Mobile.

6.  Deliver Important Data in Real Time

Promptly delivering important data, such as order statuses, shipping details, discount offers and renewal notices, is a great use of mobile messaging.

7.  Get Feedback

Ask for feedback from the start and keep on doing it.  You can send links to customers and prospects asking them to complete a brief survey via text or email.  Once you have the results, be sure to put them to good use and take action to more effectively tailor your mobile marketing content.

8.  Provide Security and Simplicity

Use the same strong encryption you use on your regular company website.  Keep mobile site navigation simple and intuitive.

9.  Promote

An attractive and fully functional mobile site is a great asset.  However, it will not do you much good until you get the word out.  Feature your mobile site’s URL on your existing website, business cards and all other marketing materials.  Also, be sure to promote it through your email newsletter and social media activity.

10.  Strategize

It is clear that mobile marketing offers many options, but you need to be smart in choosing the mobile tactics best suited for your brand.  Strategy is important.  Do not treat mobile marketing with any less importance than your other marketing efforts.

HubSpot offers a free mobile marketing kit, which is available for download.  The free kit is great way to learn more about mobile marketing.  As mobile internet usage continues to grow dramatically, marketers need to invest more in mobile marketing in order to stay competitive.  Do not get left behind.  Get educated and go mobile.  Innovative Marketing Resources is available to assist you with mobile marketing and help integrate it into your overall marketing strategy.