Business success relies, in large part, on your ability to beat your competitors. This is especially important for fall marketing, when you’re turning your attention away from summer promotions and toward end-of-year holiday marketing. Here are ten ways to beat your competitors this fall.

1. Start early
Getting an early start on your fall marketing yields multiple benefits: you can make sure your campaigns are well-thought-out and comprehensive and you can rest-assured knowing your marketing plan is in place and ready to go. But the best benefit is the ability to get a head start on your competitors and reach your customers with fall and holiday promotions before the competition gets to.

2. Test your campaigns
Test your marketing campaigns to make sure they’ll yield a healthy ROI before you commit time and monetary investments. A/B test your control materials to see if you can make them better. Always look for opportunities to tweak what works and generate better results from your marketing materials.

3. Go big
Stand out from the competition with oversized marketing tools: extra-large postcards, for example, or prominently-placed wall graphics and banners. The bigger your marketing materials, the more customers will take notice.

4. Consider the customer experience
Walk a mile in your customer’s’ shoes to identify ways to improve their experience. Find ways to engage directly with customers, seek to genuinely solve their problems and make their lives better, and train your staff members to offer the ultimate in friendly customer service. Become the place customers want to shop!

5. Target, target, target
Define your audience to a minute degree. Create different customer profiles and run different promotions to each. Invest in targeted mailing lists and ad campaigns. The bottom line: the better you know your customers, the greater your targeting and the more success you’ll have with your fall marketing campaigns.

6. Add value
Add value for your customers to establish your brand as the authority in your field, foster long-term relationships, and motivate purchases. Distribute helpful how-to booklets that help customers achieve their goals. Print holiday calendars customers can use year-round. Empower your staff to offer spontaneous free upgrades. Create customer loyalty cards to reward multiple purchases this fall.

7. Highlight your advantages
You might not be able to compete with big box stores on price, but that doesn’t take you out of the running for fall and holiday sales. Highlight the advantages of doing business with you: a more helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly staff; excellent customer service; local service; and other benefits are valuable ways to position yourself for increased fall sales.

8. Maximize exposure, minimize investment
Keep an eye out for marketing discounts that will help you reach more targeted customers for lower investment. Discount printing, for example, or negotiating print and digital ad rates are good places to start. Inject your brand into relevant events to expose customers to your values for cheap.

9. Look for untapped opportunities
What marketing tools haven’t you tried? What opportunities are your competitors missing out on? Take advantage of them, try something new, and find new and unique ways to reach customers. Don’t be afraid to break the mold and be bold – it could be what sets you apart and generates more exposure and sales this season.

10. Do more
Whatever you do, identify ways to do it better. Sweeten the deal for your customers. Personalize your communications. Study your competition, find out where they’re lacking, and fill the void for your customers. Keep in mind: your goal is to present your company as the better – and best – option for fall shopping.