Stickers represent some of the most affordable and versatile marketing tools on the planet. Being both cost-effective and versatile means they’re perfect for “surprise and delight” marketing; that is, marketing in unexpected areas to the delight of potential customers. When your stickers are placed in surprising places, customers are far more likely to commit your brand and your message to memory. Thus, they’re also more likely to respond to your sticker marketing efforts. The following lists 10 unique places you can market with stickers.

1. Under trash can lids

If your target customer base disposes of trash in pop-up trash can lids, such as those found near cafes, you can surprise them with a well-placed sticker on the underside of the lids. That way your promotion pops up when they step on the foot lever to open the trash can.

2. On ceilings

Ceilings can be great places to place unexpected and unique stickers, especially if your customers will be looking up (such as in dentist’s chairs, malls and stairwells). Make your stickers relevant and interesting to earn response.


3. In restrooms

Public restrooms present excellent sticker marketing opportunities on mirrors, hand dryers, floors, sinks and even in stalls.

4. On produce

See if you can work out a deal with your local grocers to place your stickers on fruits and vegetables in the produce aisle. That way you’ll be able to market to many customers in a unique a memorable way, since almost everyone buys some form of produce.

stickers of fruits

5. On elevator doors

The constant open/closing motion of elevator doors presents a unique opportunity to come up with an unforgettable sticker marketing campaign. Launch your elevator door marketing campaign on elevator doors used heavily by your target customer base.

6. On glass entrance doors

Many companies have come up with creative ways to incorporate glass entrance doors into their sticker marketing campaigns. Think of ways you can take advantage of the transparency and consistent movement of glass entrance doors to cleverly promote your brand.


7. Light switches

See if you can come up with a brilliant way to promote your brand with the on/off, up/down motion of light switches. Their diminutive size means you can place tons of light switch stickers to blanket a large area with your message.

8. Cafeteria tables

Food courts and other cafeterias present plenty of great opportunities to promote your products with stickers; there’s one at every table. Contact the cafeteria owner to work out a deal that gets your stickers in front of hundreds of hungry customers every day.

9. Laundromat machines

Laundromats are excellent places to promote products and services, especially because most of the people who visit them are largely bored while waiting for their clothes to finish washing and drying. That means any sticker affixed to machine doors is even more likely to be noticed – and remembered – than usual.

10. Public pools

Diving boards, locker rooms and other surfaces at public pools are perfect for sticker marketing, so long as you print stickers designed to placed outdoors.

catch marketing_pool

What other unique places are perfect for sticker marketing? Let us know in the comments!