A comprehensive marketing campaign that targets customers via several different channels stands the best chance of motivating a profitable response.  Repetition is critical to success, and when you can deploy marketing campaigns that not only reach customers on more than one level, but engage customers with the power of technology, you stand to yield an excellent return on investment.  One of the best strategies for a multi-channel marketing campaign is to develop a print-web design marketing combination, wherein one marketing effort ties in to another to generate leads and motivate response.  The following lists 10 powerful print-web design marketing combinations you can use to grow your business.

1. Postcard to website

Direct-mail postcards remain some of the most powerful marketing tools, and they can generate even better response when you use them to drive targeted traffic to your website.  Use postcards to deliver a time-limited coupon code to generate the best response.

 2. Poster to mobile

Distribute posters in areas your target customer base is known to frequent, and include a QR code or form of augmented reality that customers can scan on their mobile phones for instant interaction.

3. Website to catalog

Allow your web visitors to order print catalogs that feature your products, and tie in an incentive to do so (such as a coupon code or special VIP catalog).  Doing so will ensure only your most targeted customers receive your catalogs, which will generate the best response for your investment.

4. Banner to website

Place vinyl banners in high-traffic areas to maximize your reach for a minimal investment, and print a memorable web URL on them to fuel web traffic.

5. Hang tags to mobile

Let customers learn more about your products, or give them an interactive product presentation or video, simply by scanning your product hang tags with their mobile devices.

6. Table tent to mobile

Use restaurant table tents to sign up patrons for social media following, websites and more.  Or, feature menu items with videos, all with a simple table tent to mobile device scan.

 7. Flyer to website

Like posters, flyers can be distributed where your target audience will see them.  Use a time-limited coupon code to drive web traffic and sales.

8. Menu to mobile

Use restaurant menus such as the aforementioned table tent example, and let customers scan your menu with their mobile devices to learn more about your products, sign up for VIP loyalty clubs, and more.

9. Stickers to mobile

Stickers can be powerful and exciting forms of guerrilla marketing, but many do not include a way for customers to immediately follow up.  With a QR code or other scannable interactive, your stickers can motivate immediate followings and purchases.

10. Website to stickers

Send free bumper stickers, laptop stickers, mobile device stickers, and more to web customers who request them.  If they want them, they’ll affix them to their belongings, thus marketing your brand for you wherever they go!