Nowadays, you can’t even leave the house without being subjected to an array of advertising. There’s ad’s on buses, billboards, leaflets and plenty of other places. It seems that wherever you look, there’s ads. In fact, even if you don’t leave the house, you’ll be subjected to ads on your computer, tablet and Smartphone, often without even noticing.

Perhaps the reason we don’t notice is because a lot of the time, these ads are dull and uninspiring to say the least.

However, whilst the vast majority of them are boring, there’s a handful of creative individuals out there seizing the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. So yes, although there’s a lot of dull and uninspiring banners, there’s also some pretty creative ones (albeit not quite as often).

So, I thought I’d share them with you:

#1 – Nutri Balance: Husband


He’s been caught; no thanks to the dog. This creative ad from Nutri Balance shows a “bad dog” showing up a “bad husband” who’s clearly been up to no good. Perhaps he should have fed him some better food?

Source: Nutri Balance

#2 – DBP: Leave It To The Pro’s


I don’t know about you, but I feel this kind of frustration every time my printer “decides” not to work properly. This ad from Discount Banner Printing portrays the frustration that I think we all feel when this happens; perhaps it’s best to leave it to the pros?

Source: Discount Banner Printing

#3 – KissFM: iPod


This simple ad pokes fun at a generation of iPod lovers by depicting a cassette tape as Darth Vader. It fits perfectly with KissFM’s slogan; “Do You Remember?”

Source: KissFM

#4 – Softlan Ultra


If you were wondering how to win a wrestling match, Softlan Ultra have the answer. Simply wash your clothes with their super soft formula and your opponent will simply fall asleep.

Source: Softlan

#5 – Wonderbra


Wonderbra are well-known for creating a bra that fits naturally (hence their slogan; “Fits Naturally”) and this clever ad portrays this perfectly. The bright colours and minimal design help ensure it makes a lasting impression.

Source: Wonderbra

#6 – Olympus Zoom


Here’s a clever and funny ad banner ad from Olympus showing just how powerful the zoom function on their binoculars really is.

Source: Olympus

#7 – Pepsi Light


No, this isn’t what a Pepsi lorry looks like in space; it’s simply a creative visualisation of just how light Pepsi Light really is (i.e. it’s so light that gravity just isn’t enough to keep it down).

Source: Pepsi

#8 – Denver Water


This has to be the most creative way to enforce a hose pipe ban ever; courtesy of Denver Water. It certainly beats boring news broadcasts that no-one takes any notice of.

Source: Denver Water

#9 – EPhone 900


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re about to be bitten by an evil looking snake with only your phone to save you? Of course you have, but if it’s going to work, you’ll need a speedy mobile connection from EPhone 900.

Source: EPhone

#10 – Aquafresh


Let’s face it, a toothbrush isn’t the easiest or most exciting thing to advertise. However, this banner for Flexigel (basically a flexible toothbrush) from Aquafresh advertises the product in an extremely creative way. It’s sure to stick in your mind next time you’re down the supermarket looking for a toothbrush too.

Source: Aquafresh

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