Are you in charge of marketing an upcoming event? You’ll need a sound marketing strategy to increase awareness and attract a targeted audience to your event. The following lists 10 must-have event marketing tools and why you need them to pull off a successful event.

1. Flyers

Flyers are excellent event marketing tools because they’re so versatile. They can be placed in prominent public areas as well as targeted venues, handed out on the street guerrilla-style, inserted into newspapers and magazines, and even folded and sent via direct-mail.

2. Posters

Like flyers, posters ca be placed in prominent public areas and targeted venues. Print large movie poster size posters to ensure your event stands out from the competition and gets noticed by your target market.

3. Social media

Social media is big on event marketing these days. Take advantage of Facebook’s event features to promote and invite guests to your event. Don’t forget about Instagram and Twitter as viable event marketing tools as well.

4. Postcards

Generate a mailing list of past attendees and those who meet your target audience demographics, then send direct-mail postcards to promote your event. One good strategy is to plan a series of three postcards with early-bird ticket specials.

5. Programs and brochures

Print program booklets or brochures to leave in prominent public areas and targeted venues. Interested people will pick them up as takeaways from store counters and similar locations – do a nice job of promoting your event and its activities inside, and you can create desire and boost event attendance.

6. Website

People searching for your event will want to find it online. Be sure to create a full-featured website with a list of event activities, schedules, and a way to buy tickets. Your website should also be responsive so it displays on all devices, from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones.

7. Banners

Large vinyl banners and perfect for outdoor event marketing. Place banners near busy intersections and along roadways to help get the word out. Banners strategically placed at similar, non-competing events and relevant venues can help you reach more targeted attendees. Keep your banners simple and give customers an easy way to follow up, such as including your website URL.

8. Email

If you have an email list of past attendees or can generate a good email list of people who fit your target demographics, email marketing can be a cost-effective way to promote your event. Be careful not to spam, and include incentives for buying tickets early to generate the best response.

9. Targeted publications

Trade publications, magazines, newspapers as well as industry-specific or demographically-relevant blogs and websites can prove excellent marketing tools. Mobile apps can also help you market your event. Seek out opportunities for targeted advertising, guest posting, interviews, and feature articles to expand your reach.

10. Event tickets

Last but certainly not least, event tickets can be used as event marketing tools. Create partnerships with local stores to sell your tickets on-site; or, partner with a restaurant to offer a meal discount on the back of your tickets. The restaurant helps pay for the printing, and you deliver their ad to all of your guests.

Event marketing isn’t rocket science, but it does require strategic planning to optimize attendance, profits, and success. Each of the marketing tools listed here can play a major role in making your next event a roaring success.