Are marketers allowed to cheat? Sure they are, especially when so many outstanding marketing cheat sheets are available to guide you through different marketing processes and help you increase your return on investment, conversion rates, and profits. I’m not sure how a marketer could cheat, anyway, unless they were to do something illegal such as blatantly steal ad copy and design or trade secrets.

Outside of that, nearly all marketing is copycat work – it’s a science, after all, that has determined what marketing materials, copy, designs, and offers work and what do not. To deviate from what works is an injustice; so marketing is all about packaging proven strategies in new ways that help define your brand and attract customers.

Naturally, the world of marketing is constantly evolving. Marketing must respond to new technologies and customer trends. One of the best ways to maintain relevancy and cut the legwork out of planning your marketing strategy is to take advantage of cheat sheets that show you how to market. Not every strategy will work for your business, of course, but it’s a good idea to try the “tried-and-true” marketing strategies and measure their success rates before you try new marketing ploys. For your guidance, here are 10 marketing cheat sheets designed to help you achieve sales success.

1. Content marketing cheat sheet by Marketo

Marketo’s content marketing cheat sheet isn’t incredibly visually appealing, but it does include excellent information for how to market effectively with content. A must-read for any marketer.

2. The 4 C’s of social media by CYNC Design

Learn how to leverage content, conversation, community and connections to fuel a prominent social media presence.

10-marketing-cheat-sheets-EDITED 2

3. The viral marketing cheat sheet by KISSMetrics

Do you know what it takes to make your marketing efforts go viral? This cheat lends insight into what drives viral status.

10-marketing-cheat-sheets-EDITED 3

4. The ultimate Facebook marketing cheat sheet by Pamela Vaughan

This web-based cheat sheet covers 35 critical points for effectively marketing on Facebook.

10-marketing-cheat-sheets-EDITED 4

5. Path to social success by Tammy Lam

Perhaps the best social media marketing cheat sheet you can get. Lam walks you through a detailed 12-month, step-by-step process to increase your social media presence. Start today, and you could own your social media space in just one year.

10-marketing-cheat-sheets-EDITED 5

6. Moz SEO cheat sheet

Want to make sure your search engine optimization is in order for effective search marketing? Follow the advice from Moz, the SEO experts.

10-marketing-cheat-sheets-EDITED 6

7. Marketing metrics that matter by Matt Wesson

Some marketing metrics are just for show, others reveal the real meat and potatoes of how effective your marketing truly is. This cheat sheet demonstrates the difference.

10-marketing-cheat-sheets-EDITED 7

8. Inbound marketing cheat sheet by Marketo

Ensure all your inbound marketing bases are covered with this excellent cheat sheet by Marketo.

10-marketing-cheat-sheets-EDITED 8

9. Marketing automation cheat sheet by Anvil Media

Do you know what marketing automation is and how it can help your business? This cheat sheet covers the nitty gritty.

10-marketing-cheat-sheets-EDITED 9

10. Copywriting cheat sheet by Vertical Response

Learn how to write copy for email, your website and social media with this cheat sheet. Hint: each involves a different approach to content marketing.


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