Mayhem is everywhere.


And, in the words of Allstate, when Mayhem hits, you need to be covered!

Allstate’s Mayhem campaign helped disrupt the conversation around insurance when they needed it most. At the time, Allstate was flagging in the aftermath of the financial crisis. The Mayhem campaign helped them take control of the dialogue, change the conversation, and provide people with something new to think about as they decide how to pick the right coverage.

From Allstate’s wildly successful marketing campaign to your marketing organization, mayhem is a part of life — but it needs to be mitigated and avoided to improve marketing effectiveness.

The good news is that you can take control of the chaos. It’s a matter of being agile and having a marketing operations infrastructure that aligns your processes with your strategic focus so you can do what you do best—perform smarter marketing. Let’s take a quick look at the Top 10 Causes of Marketing Mayhem and some of the ways to avoid them.


Number 10: Your marketing calendar resembles a Jackson Pollock Painting.

Solution: Paint a different picture!

  • Consolidate your calendars
  • Grant universal access
  • Centralize your view
  • Enable top-down, bottom-up planning
  • Establish corporate KPIs
  • Pre-determine effective measurements

Number 9: You manage marketing team capacity on a wall with Post-Its.

Solution: Pull out the Post-Its!

  • Eliminate burn-out with better planning
  • Determine which skill sets are missing from your organization
  • Enable global visibility into resource allocations
  • See the gaps… fill the gaps

Number 8: Your budget is a black hole – everything is on the “event horizon” and you never know what goes in or out.

Solution: Banish Your Black Holes!

  • Align every event with your strategic plan
  • Understand your KPIs and overall objectives
  • Be ready to move money in real-time

Number 7: Budget reviews with the finance team have become increasingly awkward and unpleasant.

Solution: Finesse Your Financial Meetings!

  • Enable spend visibility and accountability
  • Have a solid answer for “How, where, and when did you allocate your budget?”

Number 6: Your “system of record” is a room full of 1950’s style filing cabinets.

Solution: Reboot Your System!

  • Manage your assets with a “single version of the truth”
  • Make your assets easily accessible
  • Ensure brand and licensing compliance

Number 5: Your creative approval process has been likened to a trip to the DMV.

Solution: Don’t Get Caught in the Quagmire!

  • Clearly identify reviewers and approval deadlines
  • Avoid unnecessary and time-consuming iterations
  • Ensure content that goes out the door has been thoroughly checked
  • in-house
  • Create a streamlined, automated review and approval process
  • Develop a structure that is easily adjusted
  • Leverage teams as needed – one of many can review and/or approve

Number 4: Your channel marketing strategy seems on track, but you’re not getting the outcomes you expect.

Solution: Don’t Get Derailed!

  • Leverage technology that connects you with your partners, regardless of channel complexity
  • Engage your channel with a suite of partner-to-partner marketing capabilities
  • Scale your marketing through the channel by controlling campaign content, access, and execution
  • Optimize your channel development funds
  • Empower partners with more—and better—leads
  • Capture powerful channel insights to enable better decision-making

Number 3: You’re starting to see some inconsistency in your branding.

Solution: Consistency Is Key!

  • Ensure your brand integrity is being upheld by partner and local/distributed teams
  • Understand there are different marketing skill levels across your partner team
  • Provide “co-brandable” resources
  • Facilitate production of partner marketing assets
  • Leverage co-marketing funds for targeted, collaborative programs

Number 2: Your boss thinks ROMI is a four-letter word.

Solution: Prove Your Worth!

  • Establish a single database that contains all pertinent campaign information
  • Cleanse customer information to accurately market and evaluate campaigns
  • Develop response algorithms to understand marketing effectiveness
  • Follow customers through their lifecycle and measure the impact of your marketing along the way
  • Generate executive-level reports
  • Develop a learn-act-learn culture

Number 1: Your marketing team just doesn’t get the respect it deserves.

Solution: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  • Ditch your “arts and crafts department” reputation by providing scientific, accountable, and data-driven results
  • Protect your budget by proving ROI
  • Establish KPIs upfront and close the loop to prove results
  • Produce dashboards and analytics that executives care about
  • Track operational metrics to establish continual improvement


The reality is that in order to avoid the Marketing Mayhem and leverage marketing operations for success, you need to excel in the five essentials of marketing: Plan, Spend, Create, Distribute, and Perform. If you would like to learn more about how to master the 5 essentials and overcome these common culprits of marketing mayhem, listen to our recent 45-minute webinar with Aprimo: Stop the Marketing Mayhem.