Warm Leads
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Having warm leads may make your feel that half the battle is won, and you may be right, but, if you don’t tread carefully with how you handle your warm leads, all of your efforts on acquiring them may all end up for naught.

It’s exactly because of this that it’s important to still make the right marketing and sales decisions so you can turn your warm leads to actual paying customers. If that’s what you’re looking to do, then this guide is definitely what you’re looking for.

Allow me to share with you these 10 insanely effective tips to nurture your warm leads into buying customers.

1.) Provide a sample of your product or service

Some leads just need a bit more push to convert them into buying customers. A sample of your product that can give them a taste of what they can get if they do purchase is a good start.

What better way to show them how much they can benefit from your product than allowing them to sample it, right?

Depending on your product’s quality and your prospect’s needs, they can easily make the decision on whether to buy or not when they’ve already sampled your product.

2.) Create strategic relationships by introducing your lead to another one

Here’s scenario, you have a lead that’s all about construction services that’s looking for someone from the real estate niche to connect with, your business is purely about internet marketing, and you have another lead that’s all about real estate that’s looking for someone whom they can throw their construction needs to.

If you introduce lead 1 to lead 2, they can surely benefit from it – and you too! You’ll help solve both of their problems by doing the introduction. Of course, when you’re a problem solver, they won’t think twice about doing business with you.

If you’re looking for a tool to help you with more leads, you can use aeroleads.com. You simply have to type in the keywords that would best describe the kind of lead that you’re looking for then click “Get data”. At that point, it’ll give you your prospect’s contact info like their email address.

3.) Expound on the benefits of your product to add value on what your leads already know

One of the reasons why warm leads are “warm” is because they already have a slight idea of what your product can do – and they’re open to it.

The emphasis is placed on the word “slight”, because they still don’t know enough about your product to make them buy. Look for ways to tell them about the added benefits of your products, tell them about the testimonials of your existing and previous customers to make them feel secure about it.

4.) Streamline how you manage your warm leads by using online tools

Managing your leads through your online activities can be such a grueling task. I’ve got good news, though; it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right online tools, managing your leads should be a cinch.

You can use tools like inboundio.com. With tools like these, you can run drip marketing campaigns, social media marketing campaigns, and even creating landing pages all in one place. Most of these tools are also very user friendly so you don’t have to worry about not being techy enough.

5.) Make good use of your marketing collaterals

You can’t expect your leads to retain all of the information that you’ve shared with them; nobody has the brain capacity for that. Use all of your marketing collaterals properly and leave them with something they can review over and over again. Having a brochure or sending them a PDF file of what your product can do will constantly help them clarify any other questions that they may have in mind.

6.) Make sure that your product knowledge is spot on

Warm leads that are generated through them proactively connecting with you may be a double edged sword when you start talking to them.

Why is that, you might ask?

Well, the initial concern is that they already know about your product and may be inquiring to compare your product with a competition. If they start asking questions about your product and you don’t know it inside out, you’ll end up looking less capable in their eyes. That of course, can lead to them doubting your credibility and your product’s as well.

7.) Connect with them through various social media platforms

It may come as a pleasant surprise to your leads that you put in the effort to connect with them over social media. It increases your chances of interacting with them as well. Take advantage of the opportunities opened up because of these connections by following up for feedback from leads or bring up their concerns to them.

8.) Be prepared with the possible questions and concerns that your leads might be throwing at you

In most cases, warm leads remain warm because they still have concerns that are left un-answered, if they didn’t, they would have already bought your product. It’s then up to you to answer any of the questions that they might bring up.

At this point, you need to be very confident with how you answer them. Your confidence (or lack of it), will show and that element can make or break the sale.

9.) Make your presence known even when you aren’t in contact with your lead.

Include your contact in your mailing list so you may send them updates about your product or give them additional material for them to read. There are a couple of tools on the internet that can help you with this.

However, if you acquired your leads through methods where they didn’t sign up for your email newsletter, be sure to ask for permission if you want to include them in your email list.

Straight-up sending them your newsletter without first asking for their permission can be quite a turn off for them. You need to make the effort to ensure that your newsletters aren’t viewed as spam. Otherwise, you’ll lose its effectivity, or worse, you’ll end up breaking relationships.

They may have status updates on Facebook or twitter that you can chime in on. Be there to answer their questions but not looking too much as a salesman.

This would show them two things, one is that you are concerned about them; another is that you may just have what they need.

What’s next?

If you have additional tips, questions or ideas that you’d like to share on how to nurture leads into buying customers, please do so in the comments section below. I look forward to hearing from you soon.