These days, it seems like all of the buzz is centered around digital and internet marketing trends. However, it is important not to forget that there is still a real world outside of your computer screen and there are still countless effective “real-world” marketing methods. Crazy, I know.

Perhaps one of the most fun means of marketing your company is through event planning. Maybe you are planning on throwing a sponsored concert, maybe it’s a workshop, or maybe it’s just a really, really killer blowout sale. I’m not here to give you event ideas, but I can share a few resources I’ve found useful for event marketing and promotion.

1 –
First thing’s first, if you are going to be marketing your events effectively, you need to be up to date on the latest news and strategies., as you could have guessed by the name, is a an invaluable resource for event marketers. I recommend checking back periodically to keep up to date, even when you’re not actively promoting an event.

2 – Twitter
It should go without saying that you should be promoting your event on your company’s social media accounts, so I won’t go there. However, Twitter is the perfect tool for researching how people interact at certain events. If you’re planning an event in the future, keep your eyes peeled for similar events in other locations. A lot of events will promote a specific hashtag so be sure to browse those for ideas how you can improve your own event. People are very vocal on social media, so this will allow you to look into what made people at other events happy or dissatisfied. Leverage others’ successes and let other event promoters make mistakes so you don’t have to.

2.5 – Facebook
This should go without saying, but while we’re talking about social media platforms, if your event doesn’t have a Facebook page, stop reading and create one right now. This article will be here when you’re done.

3 – Mention
Mention is a wonderful too which allows you to keep tabs on nearly anything people are talking about online. From day to day, you can use it to monitor your brand name, your competitors’ brand names, an any important keywords, but it is also an incredibly useful event marketing tool. Use it to implement the Twitter strategy I outlined above across the entire internet!

4 – PurpleTrail
PurpleTrail is a website that allows you to create, order and print beautiful custom invitations and stationery for nearly any event. Don’t forget that business cards are still an incredibly effective way of keeping your company in the minds of your customers.

5 – Google Forms
As you probably know, Google offers a ton of incredibly useful free tools and Forms is no exception. Use this to create beautiful custom surveys to make sure that your attendees were satisfied with your event.

6 – Eventbrite
Eventbrite is arguably one of the most important event marketing websites. You can use it to do many important aspects of the event marketing process from registering guests to selling tickets.

7 – Squarespace
If you need to create a separate website for your event, there are many services to help you create beautiful websites very easily. Sure, there are more robust and flexible options, but for events, I think Squarespace offers the best overall package. If you just need a simple website with less than 20 pages, it is probably the cheapest option. Best of all: you can leave it to them to handle domain registration, hosting, and storage so you can get back to marketing your event.

8 – Buffer
Buffer is here to help you save time by quickly publishing your posts on social media.

9 – Canva
Whether you need to make a quick logo or a beautiful and detailed post for social media, Canva is a must have tool. No design skills necessary!

10 – MailChimp
There is a lot of talk about promoting events on social media, so it is easy to forget the effectiveness of email marketing. However, it is not a bad idea to compile a list of email addresses for your attendees and send them a friendly reminder when the event is approaching!