Newsletters are perfect for continually connecting with customers. They’re not overt marketing materials; rather, newsletters contain useful and valuable information your customers want to read. A good newsletter brings customers into the brand fold, gives them ownership, and builds relationships and long-term customer loyalty. This summer, you should send newsletters to everyone on your mailing list – whether they’re customers or not. If you’re not sure where to begin, the following 10 newsletter topics are hot for summer marketing.

Summer Marketing

1. Family

Summer is a time for family, which makes it a good time to discuss family matters in your newsletter. Make it relevant to your business. A financial adviser, for example, might send a newsletter that covers investing for college. A real estate agent might write a column about the best family-friendly home features.

2. Home improvement

Summer is also a time for home improvement. Projects such as landscaping, decks, patios, garages, roofing and interior remodeling take priority in the summer. Find a way in which you can make your business relevant to home improvement, even if you’re not in the home improvement industry. You might not paint houses, but your graphic design newsletter can discuss the trendiest color palettes.

3. Vacations

You don’t have to be a vacation destination to find a way to tie vacations in to your newsletter. An attorney could make a list of must-have documents to take along on international vacations, while a plumber could write a column that details how to ensure you won’t have any plumbing disasters at home while you’re away.

4. Backyard fun

From swimming pools to lawn games to fire pits and patio furniture, backyard fun takes precedence in the summer. You can find a way to tie your business in to get your products and services in backyards across the nation – or at least your local region.

5. Tips and tricks

Publish tips, tricks, and advice in your newsletter to add value and usefulness, plus establish credibility. Make your tips and tricks relevant to your business and to your customers. An HVAC company, for example, might print tips for keeping air conditioning costs low and the house cool during hot summer months.

6. Featured customers

Put a spotlight on your best customers with mini-case studies that examine what problem you solved for your customers. Include photos of happy customers and real testimonials. By featuring customers, your newsletter readers will relate to their stories and will understand you can similarly help them.

7. Contests

Hold a summer contest and publish the details, rules and winners in your newsletter. Make your contest fun and relevant: the best flower bed photo for a landscaper, or the best vacation photo for a travel agency, for example. Contests are a way to keep customers engaged in your culture and looking forward to your next newsletter.

8. Recipes

Grilled meats, garden-fresh salads and cool desserts dominate summer fare. If you have an awesome recipe, share it with your newsletter readers. Give it a name that’s relevant to your business to up the fun factor.

9. Self-improvement

When swimsuit season hits, many people turn to self-improvement practices to slim their physiques, get in shape to run 5Ks or simply to better organize their time so they can enjoy the great outdoors. Offer self-improvement hints, tips and advice that’s relevant to your business to give your customers an interesting read.

10. Sales and discounts

Finally, take space in each newsletter issue to reward your readers with special subscriber-only deals, sales and discounts. Your newsletter shouldn’t be an overt advertisement, but giving your readers value will be appreciated – and acted on.

What’s your favorite newsletter topic for summer marketing?