10 Fantastic Google Chrome Extensions for Marketers PieSync

With its minimal no-nonsense design coupled with powerful technology, Google Chrome is often an SME’s web browser of choice. Chrome becomes a veritable powerhouse thanks to various tools that enhance your user experience. While most of us are familiar with the better-known extensions like Hoosuite’s Hootlet, and the Instagram extensions, there are some lesser-known extensions that deserve a shout-out. Without further ado here are our picks of some of the lesser-known Google Chrome extensions:


This is a great tool for those of you who take lots of screenshots. It goes beyond the usual page grab, but also allows you to immediately edit the image. You can crop, add images like arrows and emoticons, and add annotations. You can then send these pictures to an integration like Slack or Trello.


Buffer has come up with an easy to use image creator for social media. I use this tool often to come up with simple, elegant looking social media images. A total time saver because you don’t have to look far for beautiful pictures and it sizes the images for you – no more wasted hours spent in Photoshop!


Tired of tab clutter? Want to save up to 95% of memory space? Then this extension is for you! OneTab is for those of you who love to do your research online. If you find that you’ve got too many tabs open, you just hit the OneTab icon and all the tabs get collapsed onto one page. It’s super fast and a great way to organize tabs without having bookmark every individual page.

Zarget A/B Testing and Heat Map

This Google Chrome app gives you insight into how your customers are experiencing your web pages. You can do A/B testing, Split URL testing and best of all there’s a heat map which shows you where your “hot spots” are on your web page. You can also use the reporting function to create presentations and make web page design decisions.


PieSync checklmylinks Google Chrome extensions

There’s nothing worse for SEO than dead links (aside from keyword stuffing…), which is why you need to check your links on your web page regularly. But who has time to click on every single last link on every single last page? No one! With a click of an icon, this nifty extension checks every link on your current page. Super easy.

Mail2Cloud for Chrome

This app is a great productivity tool. With a couple of clicks, you’ll be managing your email like a pro. Features include a “boomerang” feature – if you’re short on time and can’t get to an email, simply set a time at a later date for them to reappear in your inbox. You can also save your emails, with their attachments, in a cloud storage, and you can share your archive with your colleagues. While you may think Gmail has got your covered from archived emails, one day that space will run out! There is also a cool “self-destruct” button, so your confidential emails will disappear from the recipient’s inbox at a time you specify.

Kill News Feed

Are you tired of being distracted by social media? Get Kill News Feed, it’ll replace your social media newsfeed with a reminder to get back to work.


PieSync Buzzsumo Google Chrome Extensions

This is great for those of you who love to keep an eye on everything social media. It gives you real time social share statistics for your page and your competitor’s page. You can also target influencers, analyze the best performing content and find out who your loyal fans are.

Papaly Bookmark Manager

Now you can access your bookmarks on any device! Simply save your bookmarks on Papaly and you will always be able to access them. You can also sort your bookmarks into boards and categories, and share these boards with team members. Handy for project collaboration.


LastPass acts like a “vault” containing all your passwords to every website that needs password access. Not only that, it can generate a super-secure password for you, and it saves these super-secure passwords in the vault. All you have to do is remember the one Master Password – to LastPass.

I hope that you’ve been inspired to try out a new tool. If you have a tool you’d like to add to this list, be sure to drop me a line!

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