Summer can be a great season for business growth. Customers spend more time outdoors enjoying the weather and attending events, a fact that presents several opportunities to reach your target audience, engage and interact with potential buyers. Give your business a boost with the following 10 cool ways to market your business this summer.

1.Sponsor events

One of the easiest ways to get your name out there during summer months is to sponsor events such as festivals, fairs, concerts, and more. You can print banners and promotional materials to gain greater exposure. To get the most bang for your buck, set up a fun and informative booth that draws customers in. Make sure each leaves with your brochure, business card, and other marketing materials you have.

2. Host a cookout

Of course, you can always host your own event. Get some burgers, hot dogs, and brats and put on a free cookout in your local community park. Or, charge a nominal fee and donate the funds to a charity. The latter idea will help you gain exposure in local media.

3. Posters and flyers

Many people love to take walks, hang out with their friends on outdoor restaurant patios, and otherwise enjoy the great outdoors during the summer months. You can take advantage of the warm weather by strategically placing postersand flyers where your target customer base will see them.

4. Rainy-day discounts

Everyone loves the summer sun, but when it rains and pours most people prefer to stay indoors. Give them a reason to go out by offering a great discount on rainy days only.

5. Give away water bottles

You can have water bottles printed with your business name, logo, and any marketing copy you’d like. Do this and then hand out water bottles to passers-by on the hottest days of the summer.

6. Vinyl banners

Large-format vinyl banners are cheap ways to reach a large, diverse customer base. Strategically place vinyl banners in high-traffic areas, near favorite summer hot spots, and other areas your target customers will see them.

7. Partner with other businesses

Partner with noncompeting businesses that share the same customer base to roll out special deals. A travel agency might partner with a car rental company, for example, or a restaurant could partner with a local hotel.

8. Door hanger marketing

When the weather is nice, it’s a good time to recruit your door hanger distribution team to help you market your business fast and cheap. Reward your volunteers with a cocktail party, a cookout, or even an ice cream party, depending on their ages and tastes.

9. Sponsor a golf outing

Golf outings are perfect opportunities for marketing your business. Don’t let the golf-outing committee simply plaster your name on a sign – instead, print your own banner to place on your sponsored hole. In this manner, you can customize your message to motivate action.

10. Holiday direct mail postcards

Postcards remain some of the cheapest and easiest ways to reach your target customer base. Take advantage of summer holidays such as Independence Day and Ice Cream Day to roll out special time-limited offers that bring customers in droves.

What’s your favorite summer marketing strategy?