Social Media Marketing Trends: Social Pulse Marketing Inc. – The Influencer Marketing Agency

Social media marketing, specifically influencer marketing, has seen a giant rise in popularity amongst companies for its huge success in reaching audiences never before imagined with traditional marketing strategies. Here are the 10 of the most cutting edge online, social media and influencer marketing trends that all marketers should explore.

Short Video

The ‘15 second video’ has succeeded in catering to the shorter attention spans of audiences. These videos demonstrate products to audiences before they get a chance to be distracted by other content. Technologies such as Facebook Mid-Roll is one way to get a quick 15 second advertisement for your brand in the middle of live video playback.


Shopping on mobile devices (mobile commerce) is set to surpass E-Commerce with smart new intuitive platforms by the end of this year. Users are becoming smarter shoppers, receiving increasingly personalized adverts delivered to them depending on their location and search preferences. Product recommendations are created from user search patterns, mobile apps provide information on the latest products and deals, and these are just to name a few.

Visual Blogs (Vlogs)

Shorter attention spans have also led to the decline of wordy articles and have given rise to increasingly visual content the likes of infographics, mini articles, video blogs, and similar media.


With the battle between Snapchat and Instagram/Facebook Stories raging, Instagram and Facebook stories seems to be the winning the fight. Instagram and Facebook’s wide-reaching established audience has lent it the upper hand. Audiences relish the ability to connect far deeper with the lives of influencers and experience added layers of creativity within content. The slideshow format also allows for fast exposure to more photos and video in an organized package.

Micro Influencers

Unlike traditional influencers, micro influencers have smaller groups of followers, but usually far higher engagement rates. This is due to the fact that they are viewed as authentic ‘experts in the field’ by their audiences. Conversion rates tend to be significantly higher when the right influencers are activated and the right messages are shared.


Unlike the past, when corporations would create their own limited marketing campaigns, users now have a wide flourishing space of influencer content to choose from. It is those influencers who are authentic and are genuinely passionate about the products and topics they discuss that will rise to the occasion. ‘Authentic expert influencers’ often fall into the category of micro-influencers.

Live Video (and other new technologies)

When new technology first arrives, it commonly feels undeveloped and incomplete. That is the current state of live video. Those who invest into higher production value and content creation can expect to see an advantage in the accelerating space. A similar line of reasoning can be applied to other technologies such as VR, chat bots, A.I., and intuitive apps.

Influencer Relationship Management

IRM (Influencer Relationship Management) seeks to target relevant brand influencers in an effort to increase positive mentions of the brand and form long lasting relationships between the brand, the influencers, and their audiences. I find that less than 5% of influencers generate 90% of the conversations online. IRM efforts focus resources on these select influencers to maximize ROI of social engagement. They also focus on forming long lasting relationships with influencers, otherwise risk losing them to the competition in a fast growing landscape.

Messaging Apps

The growth rate of messaging apps has recently surpassed that of social media networks. Falling data costs, affordable devices, and expanding feature sets have spawned increasing popularity for messaging platforms. People are additionally searching for private social circles that social media sites fail provide.

While the average open rate for emails is roughly 20%, the average open rate for a private messaging apps is a whopping 98%! Push notifications are also much likely to be turned on in messaging apps then in email, social media sites, or other apps.


Although not a new trend, targeting content based on the location of the audience (or individual consumer) continues to become an increasingly vital factor in boosting conversion rates for location based content such as events, promotions, coupons, media, and products.

As user content is becoming a more interwoven and intimate experience, brands are looking for ways to communicate in more personalized, scheduled and location based ways. With so many new and innovative options, selecting the right channels, tools, and advertising methods is important to ensure the success of any marketing initiative. One thing to remember is that authenticity is key in this day and age of social media. Consumer behavior is only influenced when they believe the message and delivery channel is being honest and genuine.

Please share your thoughts on marketing trends that you find interesting or that you have had experience with. Your feedback is always welcome!