autopilotWhen a pilot hands over control of their aircraft to the autopilot, they do so with the knowledge that their passengers are safe in the hands of a rigorously designed, tested and proven technology. The autopilot does not diminish the pilot’s responsibility to fly the aircraft. It simply allows them to concentrate on numerous other tasks required to ensure everyone arrives at their destination safely.

Triggered emails within an automated Workflow plan work on a very similar principal.

Communicate, Nurture and Close

Workflow Automation enables marketers to decide how they will engage individual contacts – either by delivering highly targeted content or initiating human contact – based on previous engagements and other custom data.

Specific actions can be triggered based on criteria such as:

  • Email Engagement (Opens, Clicks)
  • Domain Name (Corporate/Personal)
  • Job Title/Industry Vertical
  • Website and Landing Page Visits and Engagement
  • Social Media Engagement (Follows, Likes, Shares)

Imagine: How much more successful your marketing campaigns will be if you can take an already carefully segmented list and target it with content specifically designed for the individual contact’s level of engagement and position in your sales funnel? It’s their actions that trigger which emails are sent and when.

Simple workflow automations act as a guide, nurturing and steering prospects through your sales funnel to the point of sale and beyond. More complex strategies can deliver campaigns on a more granular or personal level, improving targeting and helping to build stronger, more profitable relationships.

Driving Marketing Efficiencies

Workflow Automation drives efficiencies, extending the useful life of marketing collateral, by delivering targeted content at the right time based on insight generated from your relationship with your contact. This allows the marketer and sales professional to focus on closing more deals while ensuring the health of their future pipeline.

This post first appeared on the iContact Email Marketing Blog.