Get the most bang for your marketing buck by identifying key trends in web analytics which could boost your campaigns’ ROI.

Cut through the hyperbole. Dump the marketing spiel. Instead, get the bottom line on web analytics and how they can – and should – impact on your marketing plans.


B2B’s love-in with LinkedIn lives on

… as B2B companies enjoy a 16x increase in social media referral traffic from LinkedIn compared to B2C referral rates.

Mark Zuckerberg is still The Man

Facebook remains top dog for social media referral traffic both for B2B and B2C (72%/84% respectively) when compared to LinkedIn and Twitter.

But Pinterest is a threat to The Man

There are only 10 million Pinterest users, compared to 140 million tweeters and 901 million Facebookers. But despite being a relative newcomer, Pinterest refers more traffic per user than Facebook or Twitter.

And it gets worse for The Man

… as Pinterest has seen referral traffic increase the most year on year – by 52%. Facebook trails behind it with nearly half that figure.

… and enjoy a 25% boost in traffic to your website for the duration of the event you’re sponsoring.

Influencers influence!

No, they’re not a fad – influencers can boost your traffic by over 8% and conversion rates by over 10% when they share your content on social channels.

Personalise to revitalise …

… your email open rates by including the recipient’s name and additional info such as location in the subject lines – you’ll enjoy an open rate boost of nearly 10%.

Sign off professionally …

… in your emails with a personalised email signature to boost open rates by 500%.

“ROI? Whatever …”

… appears to be some marketers’ attitude towards their funnel and revenue performance measurement, which limps in at 20%, compared to the second lowest, web engagement, which comes in at just over 40%. Somebody needs a talking to …


  • LinkedIn is a winner for B2B.
  • Ignore Pinterest at your peril.
  • Personalisation reaps substantial rewards when it comes to email.

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