Use Marketing Automation to Turn Leads Into Brand Ambassadors

Developing relationships with prospects at every stage of the sales funnel is an essential step in maximizing your number of buyers. Marketing automation can help with this process.

Marketing Automation Helps Turn Leads Into Buyers

Lead nurturing is an essential part of marketing, but it also relies heavily on the sales team’s ability to turn leads into sales. Studies show that on average, half the leads any given company has are still on the fence about whether or not they want to buy, and 80% of new leads don’t turn into sales. With the right automation platform, you could see far better success than the norm.

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The benefits of marketing automation for this process may not be immediately obvious, but these platforms are now essential to maintaining and improving customer relationships. More than 90% of marketers report that automation is very important to their overall marketing success, and that extends across all channels. Information simply moves far too quickly for marketers to use effectively without some form of marketing automation.

1. Creating New Customers

You always want to be drawing in new business to your company, and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms can be interwoven into your marketing automation system so everyone involved in your lead nurturing processes can contribute new information as soon as it’s available.

Managing Customer Profiles

Customer profiles, also commonly called buyer personas, are vignettes of a company’s ideal customer types. These profiles are an essential part of the automation process because marketing and sales professionals use these profiles to determine how to approach customers and leads. Using your marketing automation platform, you can custom tailor content to every type of customer – even specific customers – so that your marketing efforts have the most effective impact for each type of customer you serve and every type of lead you want to draw into your brand.

2. Retaining Existing Customers

Generating new prospects is vital to running a business, but creating new customers should not come at the cost of losing older ones. This is another area where marketing automation truly shines. Your marketing and sales professionals can keep tabs on every aspect of a relationship with a customer and all updates as soon as they are available. This keeps everyone abreast of a customer’s unique situation using the most recent information. When leveraged wisely, you can turn automation into a method for keeping your existing customers coming back with little prodding.

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Automatic Interactions

You can customize your automation processes to the point where the bulk of your lead nurturing interactions happen automatically. Using your CRM input, customer actions dictate specific responses. You can choose how and when those responses happen based on the customer’s profile, past interactions, past purchases, lead status, and various other metrics, along with the customer’s action. Attempting to accomplish this without automation would be time-consuming and all but impossible, especially for larger enterprises with vast numbers of customer accounts.

3. Craft a Winning Formula

Your automation processes are going to take a lot of mundane, repetitive tasks off your marketing and sales teams’ plates, but that doesn’t mean they can be set and forgotten. Your automation and CRM platforms are of course going to require your attention from time to time, so it’s important to be constantly reassessing how you can leverage your automation processes as lead nurturing tools. The platform certainly makes keeping in touch with your customers easier, but it’s up to you to adapt the automation tools to your company’s unique needs.