event management

One of the benefits of using a marketing automation software is the ability to manage events with ease. Event planning can be a main source of lead generation. Ten years ago, an event was something that could really only be held offline. But, these days, an event can happen anywhere, anytime.

Event marketing is a great way to bring in leads. However, hosting an event can be a lot to manage. Luckily, your marketing automation software can help you take a lot of the work off your hands. Here’s how.

Plan Any Kind of Event

There’s really no limit on what kind of event you can plan for your business. The way technology is nowadays, you can reach your leads and customers from behind a computer screen. For some companies, an event may be a webinar or a live chat summit. Other companies may opt to bring their event offline, and meet their leads that way. Of course, some like to do a combination of both. No matter what you choose and how frequently you hold events, a marketing automation software will help you get the job done.

Managing Your Actual Event

Not only does marketing automation give you the freedom to create the event that fits the best interest of your company, it can also help you manage the actual event. Utilizing the software can help you manage everything from the logistics, to budgeting, to creating attractive promotion emails, to networking, and overall marketing.

Beyond those things, this kind of software helps you manage your event in ways you may not immediately recognize. Things like keeping up your brand, sending a personalized message to your invites, improving on last year’s event by creating new goals, and making sure your event gets noticed on all platforms possible, are other benefits.

Using Marketing Automation to Gather Customer Behavior

There are a lot of steps that go into marketing your event. So, having a marketing automation service to help you learn about your attendees is pretty much a necessity. Here are all the aspects of your event that marketing automation can help you with, before and after the big day.

  • Promoting Your Event: A marketing automation software allows you to promote your event in a number of ways, through e-mail marketing, social media, and content creation. Being able to schedule these campaigns will help you reach more people in less time.
  • Keeping Track of Registrees: The software will also help you keep track of everyone who has decided to sign up. If you have a big following, this is essential. You want to make sure you’re available to answer questions while making sure you can get in touch with them regarding event details.
  • Record and Analyze Customer Behavior for the Future: Your marketing automation software can record lead and customer behavior throughout the event period. You can learn about what’s motivating them to join the event, what they seem most interested in, and how you can target them afterwards. Each attendee will have their own individual desires, and on your own, you can’t possibly cater to them all. That’s why a marketing automation software can really help you with event management.

Event management doesn’t need to be hard. In fact, it can actually be quite an experience if you have the right software to go about it. Request a demo with The Mission Suite to learn how our marketing automation software can help you with your event management!