change your marketing automation software

You’ve been using a marketing automation service for a while, but for some reason, you’re not satisfied with the service. Most of the time, you experience frustrating problems that prevent you from conducting your business as efficiently as possible. When your automation software isn’t working as quickly or it’s not capable of handling the workloads you need to manage, you can’t do your job.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, then it might be time to change your marketing automation software.


Do you find that every time you open up your marketing automation software, it lags? You go to click on something or open a new page, and it feels like you’re waiting for minutes at a time? It’s probably not your computer and it’s probably not your Internet. It’s the software you’re using, and you don’t have time to waste.


Even worse than the software slowing down is that it freezes altogether. You have to reset your browser nearly every time, which makes it very difficult to get things out. Whether you’re writing up an email campaign or you’re making a post to social media, it can be extremely frustrating every time the system freezes.

Lost Information or Items

What happens when you have to reset your marketing automation software? When you load it back up, is everything you were just working on or looking at suddenly gone? Do you have to go back re-write your email, edit your campaign template, or put your contacts into categories all over again? Do you lose contact information from time to time, and have to email customers constantly to put their credit card information again? Not only is this bad for your company’s reputation, but it’s also a nuisance for you. After all, who has time for this?

Problems with Formatting and Consistency Across the Board

Another indicator of you needing to change your marketing automation software is when you just can’t get the formatting right on anything. Every time you go to make a change, it doesn’t save correctly, or it shifts everything else around. Perhaps when you’re creating a landing page template, it just won’t match up to the rest of the site, even though you’re doing everything correctly. Or, maybe, what you’re seeing on your screen is not the same as what your colleague is seeing on their screen. How can you deliver to your customers the correct information when you and one other colleague aren’t even able to cooperate on a task?

You can’t.

Why is this Happening?

These, of course, aren’t the only potential problems you might notice with your marketing automation software. But, they are certainly signs that something’s wrong. Sometimes, it could be that the program you’re currently using isn’t equipped to handle so many contacts. Or, it’s that too many staff members are accessing it at the same time. Maybe it’s not compatible with the server you’re using, or maybe it’s just been a while since it’s last been updated. Whatever it is, it’s clear you’re not getting the support you need, whether that’s due to the physical software itself or the B2B company that’s providing the software (but without any additional assistance).