HubSpot is one of the most used workflow software that offers a plethora of automated marketing features. These features help you boost your connection with customers and ultimately drive profit for your organization. Whether it is social media management, emails, or campaigns, HubSpot workflows align every single factor of your marketing to its core. With the right use of HubSpot’s marketing tools, you can do a lot of benefits for your business, you just need the right knowledge to find everything.

HubSpot workflow allows you to fully automate tasks related to your marketing, services, and sales to execute your processes more completely while also keeping positive relations intact with your leads and potential customers. Mainly, HubSpot offers 5 features to streamline your workflow:

1. Quicker Response to Leads

Suppose you’ve already got your leads coming in, but there are other important tasks in hand that doesn’t allow you to separately reach out to every one of them. Here’s where HubSpot Snippets come into play. They are customizable text blocks that can be used in emails, conversions, and any type of record. The tools can store your repeated phrases and texts that you use to reach out to your leads for support and follow-ups. It’s a quite handy feature that can allow you to save time efficiently. One can compare them to Gmail or Outlook templates but with more of a system-wide approach.

Not only can it give you more time in hand to focus on more important tasks, but HubSpot Snippets can help you out with the defining processes, gathering essential information, and holding onto the brand.

Extra Tip: You can even sort your snippets to make them more organized for different leads and avoid duplication.

To create a snippet, go to Conversations > Snippets on the top menu. From there, click on Create Snippet, and add the content you desire.

Similarly, to create a snippet in an email, click Insert > Snippet, and you’ll find the snippets and choose the one to go with.

2. Round Robin Option

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Gradually, your business will expand and you will need to schedule more time on your calendar for people. It is crucial to distribute the calls and contacts across the team uniformly. Creating Round Robin team meeting links will help you keep your meetings on schedule without having to create a time fuss. The links would help you rotate the booked calls and meetings between your team. This distribution of work would eliminate the ongoing hassle of scheduling once and for all.

With customization of naming the meetings, adding the specific teammates required, and more, Round Robin links would help the sales team to be more organized and on time. The features allow your leads and customers to book meetings at any time available with your selected teammate’s calendar. Upon finishing up with details, both the customer, as well as the teammate, would get a notification of the meeting with the mark-up calendar date.

To access the meeting tools, click on the Sales tab from the top menu, then go on Meetings. From there, click on Create Meeting Link, and choose Round Robin Availability

3. Schedule Tweets in Advance

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Do you have to regularly engage with your audience through tweets and replies? HubSpot’s social media bulk upload and schedule feature would help you batch them according to your time and dates without having to use any extra social media management app.

In addition, there are also examples available to match with the accurate tab alignment. This means if you have you’re all set to post your tweet, just drop it in your spreadsheet and proof all your posts before confirming, leave the rest up to the HubSpot tool.

Extra Tip: Social media bulk upload is not only limited to Twitter but also for Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram posts as well.

For bulk upload, go to Marketing on the top menu, then select the Social option. On the top right corner, you’ll see an option Schedule in Bulk.

4. ChatBot Availability During Business Hours

Almost all the big business websites nowadays include a chatbot to their sites, it’s an essential part of customer engagement now. Inserting a chatbot to your site can help your business and a number of related factors such as answering common questions, qualifying leads, clearing meeting schedules, and more.

HubSpot Workflows allows you to create a chatbot from scratch or use an attractive template from the tool to ultimately form a thoughtful experience. It is important to mark your chatbot availability during working hours so texts and questions wouldn’t get backed up when you’re offline.

Having a chatbox lets you decide its functionality during business hours and when you’re offline. This way, when someone reaches out to you when you are away, you’ll get to know about it.

To make your chatbot, go to Conversation > Chatflows, from there select Create Chatflow and then enter the process of creating your desired chatbot.

5. Active Users List

Find out who visits your website the most through HubSpot’s lists feature. It helps you organize your CRM into segments efficiently for your team to observe. Based on the given data, you can send bulk emails and pull reports accordingly.

HubSpot’s list feature would help you with the most active users list as well. This list could come in handy a lot of times to strategize your business for product marketing, content, and more. Additionally, you can also set an enrollment trigger labeled as “list membership” and then add that list to the workflow. Through this, you can add actions as they move through the workflow and qualify contacts for you.

If you have invested in HubSpot’s marketing tools, your database and your automation tools function on the same platform. This way you can create a workflow that goes through the lists for you and refocuses on contacts that generate your leads and with the static lists, you can opt for clear and direct messaging.

Extra Tip: You can qualify your contacts by creating actions using HubSpot’s workflows. For example, suppose you have created a list of contacts that need to open the email you’re sending out on Monday. And if they click the link, they will automatically be added to your hot leads list.

To create a new list, go to Contacts > Lists > Create New List. From that point, the workflow process itself would guide you to move further. Choose the appropriate filters and properties to create segments for your visitors.

Streamlining Your Workflows is Crucial For Your Business, Now More Than Ever

HubSpot Workflows and its automation tools and features bring your marketing and lead generation strategies to action. Bring your leads and potential customers the content they need on time through these automated actions. By setting your workflows right, you can have a good night’s sleep without having to worry about customers getting the information they want, on time.

All the workflows will bring you business-specific profits and lead generation. Ultimately, the workflow you choose will depend on your business and the stage of the customer relationships. Through HubSpot workflows, HubSpot hosted content assets, and the HubSpot Sales Dashboard, all the aspects of your business could share clarity on everything. From goals to lead focus. From Intelligence to driving fast and relevant sales engagement with the right lead generation.