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Automation has become an essential tool for email marketers, not only does it save time and money it also improves your overall relationship with customers. Whether you have been using automation within your email marketing for a while now, or you are completely new it, we’ve put together some tips to ensure you are maximising your success with automation…

Create Email Programmes

Email programmes are based on the behaviour of your customer/subscriber, whether this be their activity or inactivity! The benefits of setting these emails up include the time saved having to create and send multiple daily emails.

Just some examples of popular programmes you should be considering include:

  • Welcome programme
  • Nurture programme
  • Abandoned basket programme
  • Loyalty scheme programme
  • Milestone programme
  • Product upsell programme

Include Personalisation

Generic, unpersonalised emails are more than likely going to end up being deleted or worse, unsubscribed from. Including a subscriber’s name, their location or products related to them will make the recipient feel valued and ultimately allow you to create a stronger relationship with them. When you have a happy customer you have the potential for more sales!

Segment Your Subscribers

Segmenting subscribers allows you to target and tailor emails to specific recipients based on their information/activity. By sending emails to segmented lists your emails should be more relatable for recipients, encouraging higher engagement and click throughs.

Popular segmentation includes:

  • Industry
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Product purchased
  • Method of sign-up

Tailor Landing Pages

High click through rates from emails but high bounce rates on landing pages? It’s all very well having flashy, engaging emails but if the call to actions lead to a lifeless landing pages you’re going to lose people’s interest. Ensure your landing pages are consistent with branding of your emails to create a logical transition across to your website. This will create brand familiarity for your subscribers and can encourage them to continue clicking.

Analyse The Results

Sending out emails and not tracking their success is email assassination. Without tracking and analysing results how will you know if they have been a success or not? Take the time after each campaign to look at the following:

  • Deliverability rates
  • Open rates
  • Click through rates
  • Conversion rates

You can then look into why an email did/didn’t perform well and adjust programmes or other components in accordance.