It’s 2016. We’ve been promised hover boards and replicants by now, and frankly, I’m a little disappointed in the world for not having them yet.

However, because we live in the future, there have been some great leaps and developments made when it comes to marketing automation. Why do all the legwork yourself when you can find programs which are readily available as SaaS offerings to do it for you? Small businesses can accomplish as much as larger enterprises using marketing automation.


Fancy automating your social media lead generation? Then Socedo might be for you. This handy tool helps you to find your target audience and to engage them, so that you can find some qualified leads. It utilises a customisable workflow and looks up profiles on Twitter so you don’t have to. Reporting tools help you to hone your audience to give you a successful hit rate. You can try a free trial and prices are from $100-$1000 per month.


For B2B social media management, there’s Oktopost. It allows you to cross your social media posts to a variety of networks and includes reporting so that you can track engagement. You can follow this to make sure that you are making the right kind of posts that get the audience that you want.

Oktopost can integrate with and Marketo so that your data is in sync. It starts from just $65 a month.


If it’s customer analysis you want, then Fanplyr can help. It analyses and segments your market by looking at visitor traffic. This means you can then generate appropriate sales messaging for these people, adding some intelligence to the sales funnel.


Referrals are a fantastic way of generating new business and mean that you are making the most of your existing customer database. If you need a good way to track and manage your referrals, then you should consider Ambassador. It allows you to build customised campaigns with specific incentives. Payout is automatic and it frees up your time from the complicated job of referral administration. It’s just $99 for 250 brand ambassadors.


Infusionsoft is a full sales and marketing tool for the small business owner. It automates a number of the niggly tasks such as billing, payment and contract management, allowing you to have one central platform with all of your relevant data. Various pricing plans can be found on the website.


A comprehensive CRM platform based in the cloud so it can be accessed anywhere and at anytime, Insightly helps you to track everything from phone calls and emails through to integration with everything from Google Drive to QuickBooks. An end-to-end solution, it can boost your customer engagement and increase sales.

If you are a small business, you can get Insightly for two people for free. It’s $12 for each additional user.

So what are you waiting for? Might as well give some of your jobs over to the robots before they rise up and take them from you anyway!