Marketing automation is on the rise. It is a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s growing every year. Despite its capabilities and rapid growth, marketing automation is still quite foreign to many industries outside of the technology world, who view it as new and different. Marketing automation can be successfully adopted by almost any industry. Here are some non-technology industries that can see huge growth and consistent benefits from adopting marketing automation more widely.


Sports? Really? Actually, marketing automation makes it much easier for teams to connect with each of their many fans. Through text message marketing and email marketing, you can learn about your fans’ preferences, how they like to be contacted and which types of messages get the most interaction. You can also increase fan engagement by holding automated contests that boost your marketing efforts. For example, you could encourage them to post photos of themselves at the game on social media and tag your team in the photo or use a specific relevant hashtag. Through automated marketing, you can send out game day reminders, play by plays, player updates and more, all sent automatically to fans’ mobile phone or email address.

Real Estate

The real estate process, from start to finish, can be a long one. Marketing automation helps you stay in touch with your clients throughout the entire process. Messages can be sent automatically every week or based on specific triggers, such as a client opening an email. Messages which include information that is relevant to clients can automatically target different clients based on their location, price range, preferences and more. This way, agents can stay in touch with their clients and provide helpful information without having to manually contact each client all the time.


Marketing automation is a great way to remain connected to your clients. Helpful financial reminders simplify your clients’ banking, while informative email newsletters go out automatically based on your clients’ preferences, investments and location. Clients can select which types of messages they would like to receive using simple automated online forms on your website. Personalized messages build loyalty and reduce customer churn.

Emergency Communications

Marketing automation is ideal not just for marketing but also for any type of communication where it is essential to reach a lot of people in a short amount of time. An all-in-one solution can reach thousands of people in minutes through email, voicemail, text message and social media. Messages can be automatically targeted to provide the most relevant information to people in different areas based on their location. After the emergency, messages can be updated quickly to keep people in the loop about where to go and how to proceed when the situation becomes safer.


Using marketing automation in the automotive industry can attract new customers and also build customer loyalty in order to drive repeat business. All customers’ personal information and vehicle history is kept on file so the automated marketing solution can send out personalized campaigns based on each customer’s unique needs. Customers receive targeted promotions based on vehicle type and history and purchase date that appeal to them individually. Customers days are also simplified by receiving timely reminders about oil changes, maintenance appointments and trade up offers.


Nonprofit organizations often have limited staff resources and budget. Marketing automation helps nonprofit organizations reach out to thousands of supporters, which would have taken a very long time manually. Donation campaigns can run automatically based on triggers, so the staff can focus on organizing events. Automated thank you messages can be sent out, email newsletters can direct subscribers to donation pages, social media pages can be automatically maintained so they stay engaging and up to date.