Whether you run a multi-million dollar organization or a small coffee shop online marketing has become a necessity rather than a luxury. With almost every business doing it you need to take that extra step to stand out from the rest. And one of the best ways to do that is to automate standard recurring tasks. This gives you more time to focus on other creative things that can enhance and grow your business.

Below are some easy to implement automation hacks that you can apply to your online marketing process.

3 ways to automate online marketing

Automating social media updates

Although it might seem simple managing and updating your social channels is one of the most time consuming tasks for an online marketer. You need to come up with the updates, prepare media for them and schedule them to be published in a timely manner.

Some companies have a dedicated team to do that. But for most small businesses and start-ups this is not an option. This is why you need to embrace tools that do this for you. Most social media dashboards have the scheduling feature built in to them. You can set up a queue and define the time and dates the updates should go out. Then it’s a matter of finding the updates and adding them to the queue. You still have to create the content, but the scheduling part is now automated.

Automating SEO reporting

Another key element of online marketing is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization covers many things from on-site optimization, content writing to link building.

Let’s just take one aspect like on-site optimization. This include things like fixing broken links, finding and removing duplicate content, identifying poor anchor texts and adding proper ones, analyzing the site structure and the depth of the content and many other things. If you start to do this all manually it will take lots of time, especially for a large site with 100+ pages.

But you can use dedicated tools to automate this task for you. I use SEOProfiler which generate a report every week detailing the errors and possible fixes to the site. Since Creately has 1000+ pages paying for a commercial tool is justified. But for a small site with few pages you can try the SEO spider free version.

However what is important for any site is tracking their search engine rankings and taking action based on those ranking changes.

Email drip campaigns

Of all the online marketing methods out there email marketing is still one of the best performing ones. For many niches it’s the best performing channel by a distance. Since it takes a bit more expertise to set up most businesses are not actively pursuing this channel as well. This makes it the perfect channel to explore for many businesses.

As mentioned above it takes some effort to set it up, but by no means is it rocket science. But setting it up, gathering the emails and sending an occasional email is just the basic step. But companies that do email marketing successfully automate the process even further.

One easy way to do that is to set up a drip campaign which will automatically send emails based on a set time frame. For example just after a customer joined the email list, 3 days after joining, two weeks after joining etc.

Some companies take this even further by sending trigger based emails. For example just after someone makes a purchase, just after someone checks out a video etc. This of course requires some special software, but drip campaigns can be done with almost any email sending software or a service.

Conclusion: Automation is the way

Shown above are some easy ways to automate your online marketing efforts. Of course there are many other ways and many other tools that can help you automate your tasks. Figure out where you time is spent most and find tools and methods to automate them and your life will be less stressful and more productive.