How effective is marketing automation on your company?

According to recent survey results from OnTarget Consulting and Research and Heinz Marketing, companies that utilize marketing automation really do experience marketing automation success; however, this occurs amid the second and fifth years of implementation.

These survey results have been further explored in their recent infographic, “Importance vs. Performance: How B2B Pros Use Marketing Automation Today.”

As said by the infographic, the goal of these survey results is to help new and experienced users understand what’s working now and what needs to be enhanced in their marketing automation performances. Therefore, I invite you to consider the following data, which OnTarget and Heinz also emphasize in their infographic:

About The Survey Respondents

Take note: the survey analyzes businesses that have been using marketing automation according to these timeframes:

  • Less than two years
  • Two-to-five years
  • Over five years

Approximately 34.7% of respondents have used marketing automation for less than a few years; 38.8% used marketing automation for two-to-five years; 24.5% have used marketing automation for over five years.

In addition, survey respondents have varied business sizes; some earned $25 million in annual revenues, others earned over $1 billion.

Notable Survey Results

After a company implements marketing automation for over five years, improvements are calculated as very little. This may be due to:

  • A shortage of ideas from vendors
  • Insufficient legacy executions
  • Limited usage of platform

However, 95% of companies that utilized marketing automation for less than two years said that the significance of marketing automation increased over the last year.

Also, 83.7% of respondents claimed their sales efforts strengthened because of marketing automation. This includes an increase in:

  • Lead generation
  • Credibility among sales teams
  • CRM assimilation

The survey also came across negative feedback when using marketing automation, such as:

  • Difficulty in creating campaigns
  • Requires ample resources
  • Execs require proper education, as they do not understand the costs for supporting marketing automation

How do you feel about these survey results? I’m looking forward to reading your comments.