How many times have you been faced with the words ‘marketing automation’ recently? It’s one of those industry buzzwords flying around at the moment but it’s for a good reason. With the ever-increasing time pressures on marketers, marketing automation can really help you out especially with the constant developments in software and technology.

Following on from a recent post about taking the first steps to marketing automation, this post takes a more in-depth look into the types of automated email marketing programmes you should be sending to get the most out of your marketing automation.

So, where do we begin?

You should already have a welcome programme plus a few other basic programmes complete but to really get the most out of automation you need to identify the other areas within your customer journey where an automated campaign could be added and would be beneficial to your clients.

Here are some examples of slightly more advanced programmes you can create to boost your marketing automation.

Birthday/Anniversary Programmes
Celebrate with your subscribers on their birthday or sign up anniversary by giving them special deals, vouchers or offer codes as a nice little gift to make them feel appreciated and like an individual.

Reactivation Programme
This is a great idea, not only because GDPR is coming in the first half of 2018 but also as best practice. Think about creating an automation reactivation programme that will go out to your subscribers who haven’t interacted with your brand from a couple of months.

reactivation programme

Loyalty Programmes
As returning customers spend 67% more than new customers ( reward your best and loyal customers with a special loyalty programme that can be triggered on purchases and, depending on the level of customer they are that you can determine in your CRM, specific offer codes. Additionally, you may want to create a sign-up process to your loyalty scheme in which you could highlight to anyone making a purchase who isn’t already in the scheme.

loyalty programme

Upsell Programmes
Do you have any products that you could push through an upsell programme like insurance, extended warranties, or relatable products? Take advantage of an upsell programme to push relevant products that relate to their most recent purchase.

upsell programme

Don’t forget that even though your programme is up and running it doesn’t mean that this is the end. Make sure you review your programmes periodically and conduct any necessary changes to increase performance because one of the benefits of an automated campaign is real-time visibility of the results and the ability to test live.