When people hear the word Marketing Automation, there’s typically one thing that comes to mind: Email marketing.

So how do the two get associated with each other?

It’s pretty simple. Marketing Automation uses email marketing as one of its key tools for it’s online strategy. But trust us, Marketing Automation is much more than a simple email marketing campaign.

Marketing Automation is technology that allows you to further your leads through your overall marketing funnel. While email achieves the same goal, it’s only a small component of your marketing funnel when compared to Marketing Automation.

Your marketing funnel, or as others call your buy cycle, is going to have many different levels. Perhaps a consumer is at the beginning stages of the buy cycle and are just getting to know your brand and what you have offer. Or, perhaps a consumer is well aware of your brand and what you have to offer and is on the brink of making a purchase.

Your Marketing Automation is going to help you detect where each consumer is within the buy cycle and act accordingly.

If a consumer is at the early stages of the buy cycle, then perhaps some follow-up emails is the next best step. Or, if someone is on the verge of making a purchase but are reluctant to take that final step — an abandoned shopping cart for example — then perhaps a phone call is in order.

This is the difference between email marketing and Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation will detect where the consumer is within your marketing funnel and use the proper protocol to further them down the funnel.

Marketing Automation also has a slew of analytics that email marketing does not offer. Email marketing offers insights on such statistics as open rates and click through rates. Marketing Automation, on the other hand, allows you to track and analyze leads through the entire buying cycle.

Marketing Automation is relatively new, but offers tremendous opportunity with your digital marketing plan. Once implemented, Marketing Automation will show you where to allocate your resources in order to maximize revenue. If you’d like to learn more on Marketing Automation, please take a look at the short video clip above.