Being in charge of a company’s social channels means scheduling the right content for each channel at the right time, and with apps like Buffer and Feedly that integrate your channels right into them, it’s no wonder people are opting for automation. But when is it too much?

Don’t let the robots take over

With the recent release of Buffer’s “suggestions” in their desktop app it’s become a lot easier to simply scroll, click, and schedule a post without giving it a second thought, which means (if you let it) automation could run your account. When you manage the channels for your company, putting out content (and lots of it) comes with the job, but that doesn’t mean the content shouldn’t be tailored towards your audience.

Here are a few ways to fight off those robots

Add a personal touch

If you’re going to schedule the same content that everyone else has access to, since it’s Buffer’s or even Klout’s top content to share, at least pull a quote from the post or add your take on it so it comes off more authentic. If you’re simply copying everything, then it’s going to feel like you just wanted to push out content quickly.The key is to reach your audience with titles that they might relate to or even by asking a question about that specific topic. Find ways to engage your audience in a conversation.

Monitor your channels

This should be a given, but if you’re scheduling most (if not all) of your content and not monitoring your channels too, then you’ve officially been replaced by computers. I like to schedule content from Buffer, but I always make sure I’m monitoring the channels so I can retweet people or thank them for sharing our content shortly after they’ve shared it or even just to chime in (when it feels right).

Find ways to connect outside

Aside from sending emails and replying to messages on social channels, find ways to connect with your audience, whether it’s in person at an event or by sending them one of your awesome t-shirts or pens or even by taking the time to write a handwritten note of thanks. If you can find a way to connect outside of your channels, then you will not only bring life to your company, you might even make someone’s day.

By following these tips or finding other ways to really connect with your audience we can fight those robots off together.