For reasons I don’t really understand, some B2B marketers tend to think they have to pick whether they need to develop a content marketing strategy OR a marketing automation strategy. In fact, an efficient B2B marketing organization today needs a good content marketing strategy AND a top level marketing automation strategy.

Here’s how the two can work together:

Lead management1 Content Marketing and Marketing Automation: So Happy Together1. Design a consistent experience across channels

What is the point of paying an agency to create fancy white papers if you keep on using boring e-mail or landing page templates? You need to adapt your e-mail and landing page design to the graphical identity of the content you are creating to provide a seamless user experience across channels. To improve landing page conversion, you can also use some graphics or quotes from the white paper to invite readers to fill out a form and download the full report.

2. Use one piece of content to serve several channels

Content is king, but content is expensive! You have to think carefully and strategically how you can leverage a single piece of content to meet the requirements of several channels, and create interest for your targeted audience. A white paper is a huge asset, but certain audiences (i.e. busy executives) don’t have the time to consume all that information. If you turn key points of a white paper into short e-mail nurturing campaigns that can be read in just a few minutes, you will be more likely to have your main messages understood. As we already discussed, it is also of interest to leverage some key messages in landing pages, to improve conversion rates. The only limit to the use of your content is your creativity!

3. Leverage a recommendation engine to push relevant content

Delivering content is one thing, but delivering the most relevant content is a challenge! Thanks to recommendation engines like Neolane Interaction, you can analyze people’s behavior to determine what will be most relevant for them. Thus, you can dynamically propose content that is more likely to interest readers. You can add some value for your readers in suggesting other interesting materials for their industry/business problems.

4. Use reaction to contents in lead score calculation

I’ve just told you that delivering the most relevant content is a challenge… but being able to leverage a user’s reaction to this content is another. Using an integrated lead management platform to execute your lead management strategy allows you to track users’ behavior and make their score evolve to reflect their interest and engagement level. You can add x points to a lead if he clicks in an email or completes a form. You can also decrease its score if that person is not downloading the white paper promoted in an email.

To design successful strategies, marketers need to mix approaches likes marketing automation and content marketing. And you, what is your secret sauce?