lrcfree / Pixabay

Look back on any workday this week, and you might be surprised how little you or your staff accomplished. Whether it is customer relationship management (CRM) or the follow-up after the last trade show, you cannot help but wonder why there are not more sales on the books. The problem could be the antiquated lead system the company still uses. With customized automated marketing and CRM, you have the option of setting goals and meeting them.

Charting a Course

Do not spend time reinventing the wheel every day. If you rely on handwritten notes, phone reminders, and a desk calendar, you have plenty of data – but in various places. This form of recordkeeping makes it easy for a lead to slip through the cracks. With automated marketing and CRM, you do not have this problem.

Instead, you have the opportunity to see your leads all in one place. Sort them by type, age, and level of interest. Assign them to various members of the sales team with specific deadlines. In fact, put yourself on a time limit for ensuring that each sales professional has the customer file access needed to maximize time and efforts.

Staying on Course

With an automated software platform, you no longer have to schedule meetings. Instead, let the system alert you when activity happens on a customer’s account. See who schedules appointments, who cancels them, and which sales take place. With this setup, you manage not only your leads but also your staff.

Additionally, the platform will allow you to create activities (associated with leads, accounts, products, invoices, quotes, deals, etc.) for weeks, months and even for a year. Check tasks and events based on their due dates. Schedule, reschedule, organize, add and edit your tasks and events. And most importantly see your upcoming tasks and events.

And who could not use a little extra help with this part of the job?