When you think of automation lately, you may consider it something you see in the industrial sector for the manufacturing of products. In truth, internal automation in CRM software is just as common. While you have different degrees of automation, the smarter the function, the higher the productivity.

At stake here is being able to prepare and send out invoices without having to rely on manual systems. Perhaps you’re still using paper-based systems to prepare invoices.

If this is true, you need to see how automation is going to save you money and prevent downtime.

The Cost of Continuing to Use Paper

Statistics from recent years show that 82% of companies still spend billions on paper. In a digital era, this might sound unusual, yet you can say it’s likely due to longtime habit.

You may feel the same way if using paper invoices for decades. However, you’re likely feeling the pinch now with more extreme customer demands. With more mistakes possible in your invoices, imagine the downtime involved solving the problem. It could lead to your reputation being sullied in the process.

The Downtime Involved Finding Errors

How long does it take you to scope out an error in your paper invoices? If you discover a discrepancy later, it’s going to take time to track what happened and what it did to affect the customer.

The downtime involved could mean days of work that you could use for other things.

Even if you solve the problem, sticking with the same old system is just going to make the errors keep coming.

Using a CRM with automation allows you to finally digitize your invoices through the creation and sending process.

Advanced Automation in Your CRM

Customer relationship management software is already renowned for its superior communication methods. Automation tools aren’t quite as well-known, but it allows you to create attractive invoices without effort.

Formatting becomes easy, though the automation aspect helps set a bill date so you don’t have to send invoices out manually.

Imagine how much money this saves you printing invoices, buying postage, and mailing them to hundreds of customers.

Keeping Track When Customers View Your Invoice

Through automation, you’re also going to receive metrics that give you a complete view of what happens to your invoice. You’ll be able to view when customers read your invoice for proof they received it. Now you’ll have proof they saw it if there’s ever any disputes.

Thanks to automation making invoicing a real-time system, customers are more apt to pay immediately rather than renege on paying.

For cash flow in your business, this is the best news you can possibly hear.