These hard facts will help tailor your digital marketing campaigns for increased conversions.

Modern digital marketing is driven by data as much as sentiment. Having accurate information based on the experience of other digital marketers is therefore essential for informing your own campaigns.


Here are three key observations from the experts at Oracle Marketing Cloud that will help improve the conversion rate of your future digital marketing efforts.

1. Get automated

Marketing automation is supposed to help prospects move themselves along the marketing funnel. Providing relevant and timely information to prospects draws them towards conversion at their own pace. But is the move to automation worthwhile? The evidence says yes.

Automated marketing campaigns that trigger messaging and content based on user actions enjoy 200% higher conversion rates than any other digital technique. Our research has discovered that these increased returns last for the next nine financial quarters and beyond, decaying at a much lower rate than their manual counterparts.

Marketing automation is also known to improve average order sizes by 40%, offering a concrete financial incentive for its adoption. A 17% improvement in forecast accuracy also helps businesses better plan finances, stock management and marketing for future success.

2. Get dynamic

Website content that is adjusted based on the previous actions of the browser yields surprising results. Users who access an infographic will probably benefit from downloading a related white paper. Dynamically serving content in this way improves the customer’s experience and further increases the chances of a successful conversion.

Ultimately, serving dynamic content dramatically improves conversion rates. Fewer than 40% of marketers currently use dynamic content, giving the ones who do a massive advantage over the competition. Our findings also show that dynamic content improves conversions by 50% over traditional static content.

3. Get connected

Converting website visitors to qualified marketing leads is made a whole lot easier when the initial referral comes from a known ‘influencer’. Not only do these influencers drive 600% more traffic from social channels, they also inspire a 200% increase in lead conversions.

Your business then has a choice:

·       Connect with established ‘influencers’ who are relevant to your industry and its customers.

·       Establish your business, or more specifically your employees, as experts within your field, thereby positioning them as influencers.

Whichever you choose will then inform your outreach efforts to capitalise on potential social referrals.


Informing your own campaign

What are the key takeaways for your own digital marketing campaigns?

·       Introduce automation into your marketing arsenal to see a 200% increase in conversions.

·       Use dynamically served marketing content to improve website conversions by 50%.

·       Get connected with influencers to improve social referrals and conversions by 200%.

For further statistical evidence to improve your digital marketing campaigns, download Oracle Marketing Cloud’s free Modern Marketing Insights Charts.