Make the leap from lead to conversion with this cross-section of stats and tips from marketing automation expert Oracle Marketing Cloud and its class-leading modern marketing charts:

Discover the key stats and facts behind successful marketing conversion rates, to make your own strategy shine. Either follow the link to the infographic or read the 8 hot tips and start improving your marketing conversion today.

1. US is the pits, man…

… when it comes to attracting unique web visitors compared to APAC & EMEA companies – but the US of A is top gun at converting its visitors into actual marketing contacts.

2. Make ’em feel special

… after all, marketers using dynamic content to engage visitors improve conversion rates by 50%.

3. Bloggers: your new best friends

Social influencers can double your conversion rates if they share your content on one of their social channels. Time to get chummy.

4. Reach out and touch someone…

… twice with your marketing – and you’ll close 80% of deals.

5. Manual vs. automatic

Top Gear fans swear by manuals and loathe automatics. Marketers on the other hand enjoy 200% higher conversion rates using automated campaigns compared to manual campaigns – plus they remain effective for longer. Even Clarkson couldn’t argue with that stat.

6. Get personal

Tailoring your offers to prospects’ interests using automated marketing processes gives your form completion generation a boost. Three times the boost, in fact, than those who don’t automate.

7. …is, err, 7 actually…

Boost your conversion rates by using seven form fields; it yields the biggest conversion rates – nearly 50%.

8. Don’t be so anti-social

Add Social Sign Ons to your existing regular forms – Oracle Marketing Cloud’s research shows that a form with both options converts 8.5% more website visitors to actual form submitters.

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