The concept of marketing, may it be for business, advocacies, or merely for general awareness, is vital for personal and economic success. There are several platforms which you can choose from to engage with your target market. But amidst the numerous outlets are a number of people and organizations voicing and airing out their individual messages. It may become a struggle, particularly if you are a first-time marketer, to establish a wide-range of an audience and have your content as something so compelling that your target market should be talking about.

The reality in the marketing world is that there are far better concepts and content ideas than those prominent, profit-generating, and established cornerpieces of content. But do you know why some of these far better concepts are less recognized and not-well received by their market? One of the reasons is a lack of forced circulation. As a result, the desired popularity outcome is not achieved. Worse yet, so much time has been wasted on unnecessary manual techniques just to circulate a particular article around your same small circle of contacts. Hence, it is imperative to innovate in your approach to meet efficient and effective social circulation.

As a first-time marketer, don’t think there’s nothing that you could do to keep up with the stiff competition in social content circulation. There are a handful of ways to keep up with your competitors or other influencers. Utilizing the magic that is social media automation will almost instantly help you fully automate the process of posting content to social networking and social websites. If used intelligently, it can widely spread your content and instantly stimulate positive responses from your desired audience.

Practice these five steps to effective and efficient social media automation:

1. Decypher Your Brand and Your Market.

Your brand and what your brand represents is your biggest potential winner of both bread and butter. These two factors should co-exist. If only one of these exists, then your first step at efficient and effective content circulation will fail. This is especially true on social media, where you need relationships to propel your content. Without knowing what you are trying to circulate and without understanding the entire concepts of your brand, you can never be an effective marketer. How can you circulate something that you do not even know or appreciate?

What is your brand is all about? Is it to encourage investors, or to elevate the reputation of your brand or to simply circulate messages for awareness? How would this brand affect your personal, social, and economic status? How would it benefit those readers who you must compel to share it? Why do you need to circulate this content? Why does this content need to reach your desired demographics? Why would they share it? Is it because they just want to look active on social media? Is anyone really following them on social media? Are they going to share it because it contains new and actionable information? Once you are able to understand and answer these core questions, then it is time to start creating your content which must be tailored according to the needs and interests of your desired audience.

2. Invest In Your Content.

No matter how much effort you put in to keep your brand in circulation, all of your efforts will go to waste if you do not create value within your content. Your content must be simple to be understood but it must be interesting to keep your audience glued. As a marketer, it would be best to learn how to stitch your content together and come up with an interesting all-encompassing concept. You may add some interesting questions to gauge your audience interests. Just make sure your article allows comments for the feedback to your questions! If you have well-tailored content, your audience may even proactively share your content with a wider audience through various other social media platforms. This is the best time to use your creative energy. This is a necessary step in the process of leveraging your current audience to inject yourself into their audiences.

3. Create an Optimized… yet Catchy Title.

Impact generating titles convert. Remember that the first thing your audience will notice is the title. It doesn’t matter if they found your content from search engines or from automated social media posts. People love reading a book by its cover, and they do so naturally. Use a unique rationale, numbers, or interesting adjectives in your title. Google search your content keyword ideas and see what is successfully working with other similar pieces of content for inspiration and ideas.

If the title seems interesting, viewers look into the content. Some audience, if unimpressed with the title, will just skip and disregard the whole article no matter how good or creative your actionable ideas are. The longer and more frequently you repeat this process, the better you will become at creating catchy titles that still function perfectly with search engines. Remember, once you have a great title for an article, it can and should be automatically reused over, and over, and over on social media.

4. Know When The Time is Right Without Compromising Result.

There are all sorts of myths about when is the best time to sell or when is the best time to send a message. But take note that each message is different thus requires different timelines. Likewise, every publishing platform is different and each has their own best times to post new content.

That is why the first step in this article requires you to know and understand your brand because if you know what your brand and your market is all about then you can know the right time to circulate your content.

Make sure to consider your content and concept, time, season, regional differences, events, media and even holidays when determining the best time to send your message.

5. Assess and Re-Assess.

After exerting effort in knowing your brand, creating your concept and sharing your content, it’s time to assess if your mechanisms have worked to you or your brand’s advantage. If not, you can always re-conceptualize or perhaps go into the detail as to which part of your strategy was downplayed or went awry. Then try again! There are tools that will track your followers so you can see exactly what content was disliked, which is as important as knowing which content was liked.

Always remember that the best way to achieve results is not by just plainly doing what the rest are also doing. As a newbie marketer, take advantage of your fresh and new ideas and put it into your craft and let the market know about it. With the dynamic society in history and a variety of social media outlets at your disposal: using social media automation wisely will be a huge benefit to your brand and your time.