New data reports that 79% of top-performing companies have been leveraging the power of marketing automation for more than two years. As adoption continues to grow, marketers are clearly seeing the value marketing automation brings to customer acquisition and retention. Where implemented, automation solutions can amplify your ROI with boosted reach, engagement and even drive revenue while expediting your efforts with more accuracy and efficiency.

1. Improve your lead management and nurturing

Automated marketing tools give you unparalleled insight into your audience and how they’re being reached. By tracking your audience’s engagement with the web and, specifically, your content and placements — automated systems can provide you a full profile on your next customer’s digital experience with your brand. This insight is imperative to fostering a relationship and capitalizing on the user’s wants and needs at exactly the right moment. Identify opportunities more easily, efficiently communicate with greater relevance and measure your ROI with precision while leveraging these tools.

2. Enhance the user experience with targeting and personalization

Automated marketing strategies arm you with exceptional data profiling your audience. That insight can empower you to reach new and old customers alike with precisely targeted messages — improving your engagement, conversions and even the perception of your brand. By targeting your audience with highly relevant content and marketing tactics, you’ll find less resistance to your campaigns and, consequently, see greater returns.

That added relevance is only accentuated by the powerful use of personalization in your efforts. Reach your audience with precisely the right product or service they’re looking for when they need it leveraging all of this unmatched information.

3. Align marketing and sales efforts

Gone are the days of every man for himself. Marketing automation aligns the strategies of marketing and sales teams to provide you a complete big-picture view of your customers and acquaintances from start to finish. See where your marketing efforts first caught hold with a potential customers. Then, follow them through every touchpoint and engagement until your sales team is able to close the deal. Even then, review and analyze the revenue generated and true lifetime value vs. the investment in nurturing that client.

Futhermore, see where your business flow falls short. When each and every aspect of the customer lifecycle can be tracked and measured, you can quickly see where your efforts aren’t meeting the mark. You can also address those issues more quickly and effectively — taking the guessing game out of successfully growing you business.

4. Improve user engagement

With so much information and so many powerful features available to you in marketing automation tools — you’ll quickly see a rise in your user engagement as you optimize messaging and tactics to better connect with your audience. That rise is often directly reflected in conversions and ROI as well — making automated marketing one of the most efficient and effective contributors to highly successful campaigns.

This post originally appeared on the AdStation blog.