Some content types (evergreen content like guides, manuals, ideas and miscellaneous inspiration) are relevant always, and can be re-shared at regular intervals to reach more people and increase exposure.

With the right content posting schedule and means to reuse content, you can promote a blog post for weeks, or months even. You can double the traffic that a blog post generates for you and capitalize on the complete value. Most importantly, you can automate your content sharing and save effort and time.

Here are four content automation tools that are equipped with content libraries or templates that can help you reuse content, recycle them on social media and increase their value.

  1. DrumUp

DrumUp content library

If you can’t be bothered with lengthy setups and need a quick and efficient solution for social media content automation, DrumUp is a great choice. The tool’s content libraries, RSS feed reader and auto-posting features can help you manage social media without any effort.

How it works

Auto-post from your content libraries – DrumUp lets you create content libraries and save your evergreen content – guides, interviews, case-studies, product reviews, testimonials, important mentions, best practices, listicles and more – for reuse.

Once you have created your libraries, you can set your evergreen content to auto-post at a frequency decided by you by flicking on a switch button.

Auto-post from RSS feeds – You can attach the RSS feeds of your blog and your favorite industry blogs, and choose to set them on auto-post, so your social queue is never empty and you don’t have to fill it manually.

Keyword based content suggestions – You can add fresh industry content to your branded content mix, with @mentions and #tags suggested by the tool. These suggestions can be saved to a content library and auto-posted from there.

Agency features – The tool lets you provide restricted access, group social media accounts for scheduling (and auto-posting) and work with employee advocates to amplify content.


The tool supports only Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. It also currently doesn’t allow video scheduling.


$15/month for 3 accounts, $39/month for 20 social accounts, $79/month for 4 team members and 50 social accounts, $159/month for 9 team members and 100 social accounts.

2. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar content library

If you want to automate social media sharing and forget about it, Edgar is a great tool to use. Albeit the initial setup hassle, Edgar simplifies social media management to a large extent.

How it works

Auto-post from content libraries – Edgar is very library focused, so when you begin, you have to either adopt the tool’s default content libraries or create your own. Once you have, you can define categories as ‘Once use’ if you want posts from there to be published only once, every other category is fair game for reuse.

You can also protect specific categories from random posting by disabling the feature for them.

Auto-post from RSS feeds – You can attach RSS feeds to Edgar for auto-posting. If you wish to review posts before posting, you can use the ‘Pending RSS Queue’.

Create time-slots for auto-posting – ‘Times slots’ are time intervals during which you want Edgar to post for you. You need to match content libraries to time slots so posts from there are shuffled and posted during those intervals.


Edgar is initially hard to use, because you need to have a large reserve of posts to avoid excessive repetition on your social accounts. You also need to check the queue to check when each post has actually been scheduled.


$79.00/month up to 25 social media accounts.

3. CoSchedule

Coschedule content templates

If you have a defined social media posting strategy and simply need a tool to execute it, CoSchedule is a great way to go.

How it works

Simplify content promotion with templates – CoSchedule has an alternative take on content templates. When creating a content template, you essentially build out your content promotion schedule, with placeholders for your text and images, and reuse those templates to promote your content in the future.

Called ‘Social helpers’, the placeholders can be positioned in list-form on the template and filled out from the compose box during use.

Recycle posts – You can also reuse the same content by adding it to the ReQueue on the tool. Basically, when there’s a gap in your scheduled queue, CoSchedule will fill it with using those posts.


Creating a custom post on CoSchedule isn’t very easy, there are several steps and choices you need to make (type of post, schedule type etc.) before you can finally schedule your post.


$30 /month for 10 social profiles, $60/month for 10 social profiles and 5 users, $300/month for 100 social profiles and 25 users and $1,600/month for a customized plan

4. Sendible

Sendible content libraryz

If you want to work with platforms like YouTube and Google Plus, and have video-heavy content, Sendible is a great way to go.

How it works

Simplify content curation – You can create content libraries, add ‘Consumers’ and ‘Contributors’ to them and then fill them up. Consumers are users with scheduling access from the libraries and contributors can add content to them. You can store custom posts or recommended stories from the dashboard in the libraries for reuse.

Auto-post from RSS feeds – You can attach RSS feeds, create an ‘Autoposter’ and choose for the posts to be automatically added to your drafts or the queue.

Recycle posts – Next, you have to create queues, and can set them to recycle by choosing a frequency. The queues are repeated until you delete them or delete their posts.

Posts can also be scheduled from the libraries, or created and scheduled separately. You can also access the content libraries from the message box when scheduling.


Since the smart queue works until disabled, you have to be certain of the content and frequency in it, or make a note of when to delete it.


$49/months for 6 social accounts, $199/month for 30 social accounts, $499/month for 100 social accounts.

Great content is expensive to create or have created. When you are investing in creating great content, ensure that you have the facilities to make the most of it. Content automation tools can help you generate more traffic and engagement on social media by reusing your best posts.

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