As a marketer, you know that the number of marketing technology vendors is nearly doubling every year, forcing us to optimize, streamline, and automate our efforts in unprecedented ways just to cut through the noise.

Marketing technology stacks today can be a complex hierarchy and integration of systems talking to one another, all with the goal of improving efficiency and insight into marketing activities.

Here are a few quick tips on how to use your marketing automation platform to streamline your webinar programs so you can focus on making your content stand out.


A marketing automation platform is a fantastic tool for managing the distribution and measurement of your webinar promotions. According to the 2015 Webinar Benchmarks Report, the best day to promote your webinar is Wednesday, but Tuesday and Thursday follow closely. Leveraging your marketing automation platform for this purpose allows you to test which days and times are most effective for your audience.

Marketing automation also helps you easily test how your audience reacts to different email subject lines and formats. For more on crafting and optimizing your promotional webinar emails, download our Top Tips for Crafting Effective Webinar Email Promotions guide.


It’s important to be highly targeted with your webinar nurturing strategy. With marketing automation, you can segment your database (by buying stage, industry, etc.) to serve up the right content to the right prospects at the right time.

Prospects toward the end of the buying cycle should receive more product-oriented content, while those in early stages should see more thought leadership. Using a marketing automation platform as part of your webinar programs will allow you to easily serve up the correct content to your prospects.


Webinars offer a significant amount of information about your prospects, both about who they are and how they interact with your company. All of this data should be incorporated into their lead score to help your sales development team determine which prospects to prioritize.

Webinar lead scoring is based on a formula where points are added or detracted for certain demographics (title, industry, region, etc.) and behaviors (attended webinar, unsubscribed, visited product pages, etc.). Weight these two components appropriately depending upon the specific needs of your organization.

In short, integrating your webinars with your marketing automation platform can help you create more sales opportunities and boost ROI.