marketing-automation-for-hr.jpgBill Gates once said, “The key for us has always been hiring very smart people.” Well I think that is a great plan and idea, but HR (Human Resources) teams are probably thinking, “Cool Bill, but it’s easier said than done.”

Now add trying to find and recruit these “very smart people” and having to put their applications and resumes into the ongoing, never-ending, pile of paperwork for hiring. Then comes the onboarding process, which requires more paper. Plus you have your current employees who you’re trying to keep up-to-date on company policies while constantly confirming that they actually saw (and hopefully read) the change of policy.

Some lucky HR teams might have this process automated already. But I am speaking for the HR teams who do not. And there are more out there than you think, doing all of this by hand, still.

Can you imagine?!

Well some HR teams don’t have to imagine because it’s their reality. However, there is a way to integrate marketing automation into your HR processes so you can say, “Hasta la’ vista baby” to the large amount of paper and manual processes you deal with on a daily basis.

We can help you do this in 3 ways. It’s simple. It’s a breath of fresh air. And we promise, you’ll love us for showing you how to get started.

1. Recruiting for Applicants

I know that a common pain point for HR is finding just the right, qualified candidates to come work for your company. Some HR teams like to use social media posts as alerts when there are new job openings. Others post them on career websites. There are all kinds of ways to recruit and they are all great.

But as Steve Jobs said, “You need to have a collaborative hiring process.” Steve said it best.

What if I said we can make your hiring process automated and seamless by using your website marketing automation platform without having to buy a separate platform just for hiring and recruiting? The same system that you can use to automate your marketing and sales processes can also help you automate your hiring and recruiting process. So what helps increase and improve your marketing, sales, and overall revenue within your company will also help you recruit and hire. Best of all worlds!!

marketing-automation-efficient-hr.jpgFor example, you can connect your social media accounts to your marketing automation platform, which will allow your company to not only publish marketing promotions, but also publish and track your job listings through one dashboard. You can schedule your posts in advance, allowing you to prepare, schedule and publish weeks worth of content and then sit back and track your results.

But wait, there’s more! A marketing automation platform will do so much more for you. Once a recruit clicks on your post, the platform will help drive the recruit all the way through the process of qualifying, ranking, classifying and scoring their abilities and merits for the job. You can lead them through automated forms and questions that will then sort them into groups according to their answers.

Once you have the group that you feel are qualified for an actual interview, you can call them through an integrated CRM. The CRM gives you the capability to record the interview and have all of their information right in front of you in one place.

What’s incredible is that this entire process is automated, from getting the information from the candidate that you need, to qualifying and scoring them, to sending them personalized follow-up emails and even forwarding their information to an internal employee to follow up with a phone call. There was no paper, no long hours, and no stress. It’s sounds too good to be true but it’s not. You just need an agency to hook you up with a marketing automation platform configured with your preferences and likings, such as the Xcellimark agency with the HubSpot platform.

And what’s incredible again is that you get this functionality within a system that also optimizes your website and automates your sales and marketing at the same time.

2. HR Company Policy Updates

Raise your hand if you consistently have to mail out hundreds of policy papers to employees of your company in order to have them verify that they’ve read it.

Ok, I know I can’t see you, but I know there are some raised hands out there.

That’s what many HR teams have to do. And I mean hundreds of employees for each policy update. Depending on the size of your company, it could be more or less. But you get the idea.

Time to say goodbye to the stone ages Ladies and Gents’. There should be no man left behind, and that includes the HR teams. A marketing automation system has emails and workflow options to automatically send out these policy or company updates. Any paperwork you need for the employees to read and verify that they have read it, the marketing automation platform will take care of it.

No more manual follow-ups to check to see if an employee has read a document. The system will know whether they checked the box that they have read the document or not. And the system will automatically follow back up with the employee within a specified period of time to remind them to read and verify. You can even have internal emails sent to HR and their managers for further follow-up if an employee continues to ignore your requests.

This is all done electronically without significant labor or material expense. Not to mention the expense your body takes on from the stress of it all, trying to run after employees who ignore your requests.

3. Required Employee Training

Many companies, such as engineering, construction, architectural and information technology firms, require a lot of employee video training. It may include orientation training, technical training, safety training, or any other type of educational videos you need your employees in your company to watch.

Some of you share the frustration of knowing that employees press play but don’t always watch the entire video. Some don’t watch it at all. This is a common frustration among many companies that have some type of video employee training.

With marketing automation, along with the integrations of technologies such as Wistia, HR teams have the option to track and analyze the performance of video-based training. With the right tools you know if each employee viewed the video and how much of the video they viewed. You know the length of time they watched over all, or any particular areas they viewed more than once.

You not only have confirmation that the employee watched it, the verification and record of how much they watched is documented in their employee contact record in the marketing automation platform.

If an employee did not watch the video, or only watched part of it but not all, they will be placed into an automated workflow that will release a follow-up email prompting them to complete the video training.

Everything is tracked and kept on record for you. You just have set it up and input the rules of the game.

Time Saved is Money Well Spent

Now that you’ve learned about some of the pretty amazing ways your quality of work life and productivity can increase by at least ten-fold, it’s time you start doing some research on how to get started. Luckily, I know an awesome team who has already done the leg work for you and can seamlessly help you out.

There’s no reason to keep piling on the paperwork and experiencing headaches when there is a simpler and more cost-effective solution. It literally pays off in the end and saves everyone’s sanity, money and time.

HR teams are awesome and inspirational. I fully agree with Lawrence Bossidy, GE, when he said, “I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not strategies.”

I would hate to see the spirit of HR teams, the spirit that helps run your business, flicker out because they can’t crawl out from under the heavy loads of paperwork and manual processes. It’s an incredible job that they have, and we need to help bring them back to focusing on what they do, and not have to worry so much about the tedious methods of accomplishing their work.

Cheers to HR!